Celerant Command Retail System Overview
  • Celerant has several mobile applications that allow for daily procedures to be simplified and completed in a fraction of the time.
  • Celerant Command Mobile applications run in a web browser and are compatible with most mobile devices.
  • Celerant's Mobile POS works on a tablet PC with built-in barcode scanner and magnetic stripe reader.
  • Celerant's standalone mobile applications are made for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Command Mobile Applications

Celerant Command in the palm of your hand...


Celerant offers several wireless applications that run in a web browser and are compatible with most mobile devices. These applications can be utilized for performing inventory functions, purchase orders and receiving, producing quotes, gift registry, physical inventory, transferring orders, warehouse functions and more. These applications simplify your retail operation, allowing daily procedures that would have been time consuming in the past, to be completed in a fraction of the time. Expedite the sales process, improve your inventory and transfer accuracy, and automate numerous operational processes.


• Price Check Items 
• Perform Transfers 
• Track Physical Inventory 
• Complete Markdowns/Re-ticket items
• Enter and receive Purchase Orders


• Pack to Store 
• Perform Warehouse Location Transfers 
• Track Physical Inventory in Warehouse 
• Create Transfer Picks


• Create, Edit and Access Gift Registries 
• Scan Barcodes and Add Items


Mobile POS Options


Use specialized hardware devices such as the Motion CL910 to perform these functions:



• Display all Product Details 

• Calculate Tax and Provide Totals
• Swipe Credit Cards
• Produce Green receipts

• Review and Enter Customer History


• Scan or Enter Barcodes
• View the Barcode for an Item
• Save the Quote
• Print a Copy of the Quote for the Customer


Standalone Mobile Applications for use on iPod Touch and iPhone devices

Physical Inventory

Celerant’s Physical Inventory Application works on the 4th generation iPod Touch and iPhone 4. These devices are much smaller and easier to use than traditional wireless scanners. This app is quicker and more reliable than previous physical inventory methods. The app can be used without a wireless network, so you can scan barcodes anywhere, anytime, and update your store’s inventory with ease. The iPod and iPhone application runs simultaneously, so you can easily switch between Celerant Mobile Applications and your other programs.



• More reliable than traditional scanners 
• Scan 1D or 2D barcodes 
• No need to access a wireless network 
• Validate and store all barcodes in one place
• Export directly to Celerant


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