5 Signs That It’s Time to Invest in a New POS System

Owning a successful retail business requires more than the ability to stock a product with high demand. In order to serve your customers well while also keeping track of sales and your store’s current inventory, an efficient retail POS system is a must. Knowing the most common signs that it is time to invest in a new retail POS software or system solution is essential, whether you are a first-time business owner or you’re interested in expanding on your current success.

Peak Times Are More Curse Than Blessing

Do you find yourself dreading peak times for your retail store during traditional business hours? Do you struggle with processing payments within a timely manner or avoiding lag and frustrating timing out of your current retail POS software setup? With a new ePOS system and retail POS system in place, alleviate the stress and worry most commonly associated with peak operating hours, regardless of your industry and the market you are working in.

With a new and improved retail POS system, you can tend to all of your customers without constant lag or the ability to process payments in a variety of manners within seconds rather than holding up the line or adding to the frustration of other shoppers. 

Your POS Is Not Syncing Properly 

As technology advances and we gain even more capability when it comes to processing transactions and providing for the retail world, consumers become increasingly inpatient and prefer to receive their orders on-demand. If your current retail POS software solution does not sync properly with transactions and customer interactions all of the time, you are much more likely to encounter frustrated, irritated or simply unhappy customers.

Ensuring the satisfaction of your shoppers is likely a top priority, especially if one of your goals as a business owner is to encourage repeat shoppers and businesses in the future. When your retail POS system does not sync properly, lags or causes a transaction between you and a customer to time out, they are less likely to return or to consider their experience as satisfactory. 

Increasing Order Errors and Issues 

Using an old and outdated retail POS software to process transactions, log customer details, and store important information poses a great risk to your business and the security you have in place for the data you collect and utilize. When you are using an old and outdated retail POS software solution, you run the risk of encountering the following errors and potential issues:

  • Missing orders: An outdated retail POS software program may encounter missing order issues if the order is not properly processed due to the program being outdated.
  • Incomplete orders: Orders may be processed and appear incomplete if you are using software or an ePOS system that is outdated compared to alternative retail POS software available on the market.
  • Transaction processing issues: Encountering an increasing number of transaction processing issues may be a telltale sign that it is time to update, upgrade or entirely replace your current retail POS system.
  • Billing problems: Repeated billing problems may also signal that it is time to update to a new and improved ePOS system for your retail business or storefront. 

You Need to Upgrade to a User-Friendly Experience

Today, shoppers in all markets and industries seek out businesses and brands that are willing to cater to their own personal shopping preferences and desires. When you do not provide your customers with a seamless, welcoming, positive and user-friendly experience while they are shopping with you, searching for items or checking out and making a purchase, you are much more likely to discourage them from returning to your store or giving your business another chance again.

Updating and upgrading your current retail POS system is a way for you to provide your shoppers and prospective customers with an advanced, user-friendly shopping experience that is optimal for both your employees as well as your customers themselves. A user-friendly experience allows shoppers of all age ranges and demographics the ability to complete and process payments without a hassle, providing them with a more positive and satisfying experience, thus promoting a return or repeat shopping event in the future. 

You Are Seeking Additional Features and Functionality 

The more advanced technology becomes, the easier it is for everyday businesses and brands to offer new features and functionalities to their audience. If you want to provide your customers with enhanced features and functions, consider updating your current retail POS software and ePOS system entirely. Some additional POS features you may be considering as a store owner or the owner of a business and brand that are not available on your outdated retail POS system may include:

  • Email receipts: Customers today are seeking retail shops and brands that cater to the eco-friendly segment of the population. Email receipts help cut down on paper and natural waste.
  • Loyalty and rewards programs: Offering a loyalty and rewards program to your customers is not only a great way to encourage additional shopping and spending, but it is also a way to develop trust and bond between you and your customers, especially while encouraging repeat visits and shopping outings.
  • Transaction splitting: Many customers today prefer using a retail POS system that allows transaction splitting. Splitting transactions among more than one individual or party is highly advisable if you are offering services or running a business, such as a cafe or restaurant. 

While investing in a new ePOS system or an entirely new retail POS system can seem daunting if you are unsure of where to begin, it is important to know when it is time to invest in new retail POS software to ensure your customers remain happy and satisfied with their experience with your business. With the right retail POS system and a complete overhaul and upgrade, you can provide shoppers and prospective customers with an even more engaging and satisfying experience the next time they visit your retail store or e-commerce site.


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