AvaTax for Stratus Retail

Automated sales and use tax compliance

Stratus Retail is a powerful retail management system that integrates with Avalara AvaTax . Accessible from the Point of Sale, this integration automates and simplifies the process of manually filling out tax information and provides retailers with a complete tax compliance solution.

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Benefits of managing store and online sales tax in a single retail system:

Reducing errors and audit risk

Improving customer satisfaction

Easing data entry and reporting

Processing orders with no interruption

Eliminating manual entry for sales tax/tax-exempt transactions


Managing sales tax is tedious and complex, especially when expanding into new tax jurisdictions. Fortunately, there is a solution! Avalara, the industry’s most trusted provider of sales and use tax compliance services, integrates their AvaTax solution with Stratus Retail to streamline the tax compliance process on-demand and in the cloud. Through this integration, retailers can automate functions of sales tax from within your Celerant point of sale system, and apply them to your transactions with no manual intervention. Together, Celerant and Alavara streamlines the tax compliance process, saving you time, reducing errors and cutting costs.

Point of Sale and AvaTax Sales Tax Integration