SPS Commerce for Stratus Retail

Complete retail management solution with EDI integration

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Stratus Retail is a powerful retail system that integrates with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) by SPS Commerce . This integration allows small to mid-market retailers to maximize and expand vendor relationships by managing their entire fulfillment onboarding and drop shipping process. The integration also provides the ability to monitor vendor performance and compliance.

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Benefits of EDI Integration:

Easily send Purchase Orders and other data to vendors

Automate all documents needed for drop shipping (i.e., shipping notices, invoices, packaging slips)

Fulfill orders faster

Improve ship timeliness, inventory positions and sales

Reduce the chances of stock outs, overstocks and backorders

Exchange EDI with 70,000+ trading partners and top brands

Provide digital or hard copies to ATF auditors


SPS Commerce’s EDI solution integrates with our ERP, leveraging data from E-Commerce and the Point of Sale solution. Through this integration, both small online shops or big box retailers can manage all transactions with any distributor, fulfill orders from multiple channels and drop ship – all within a single solution. As part of the integration, retailers can import vendor/manufacturer inventory data on their E-Commerce site, in real-time, and have vendors drop ship orders directly to customers. Retailers can also leverage user-friendly reports and vendor scorecards to manage and monitor vendor performance, track compliance issues and spot trends to optimize their operations throughout their entire trading network.

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