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Worldpay: A Leading U.S. Payment Processor

Stratus Retail is a powerful retail system that integrates with Worldpay . Worldpay, previously Vantiv, is a leading payments provider for both small to enterprise-size retail businesses. You can accept payments however your customers want to pay, making it simple and secure to complete transactions in-store, online or through mobile devices.

Accept Payments However Customers Want to pay

Worldpay, previously Vantiv, is a leading payments provider with unique capability to power global integrated omnicommerce, any payment, anywhere. Annually, Worldpay processes over 40 billion transactions through more than 300 payment types across 146 countries and 126 currencies.

Accept all payment types

Enable EMV chip card readers

Allow customers to pay via Apply/Android Pay

Leverage payments to offer loyalty solutions

Process payments securely & reduce risk of fraudulent chargebacks

Expand your business with a payments solution can grow with your business


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