Cumulus Retail integration with Zanders

Catalog Imports, Automated PO's & Drop Shipping

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Celerant's retail software integrates with Zanders Sporting Goods . Through this integration, firearm retailers can import Zanders' product catalogs, automate purchase orders based on min/max, display Zanders' available inventory on their E-Commerce website and enable drop shipping.

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Manage your gun store, range and E-Commerce in a single, affordable SaaS retail system

Cumulus Retail is a Cloud-based, mobile SaaS solution for your firearms business with low monthly maintenance and little, to no, initial investment. Cumulus POS has real-time integration with iCumulus E-Commerce, allowing pricing, promotions and inventory to be consistent in-store and online. Cumulus Retail is a scalable solution and includes serial number tracking, A&D for firearm sales, range management and membership management with photo ID card printing.

As a preferred retail software provider for the NSSF for over 13 years, Celerant Technology continues to educate and help firearm dealers become more successful.

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“We are excited to partner with Zanders to offer seamless integration with a leading distributor of sporting goods. Zanders is not only well-known for their commitment to firearm retailers, they are a family-operated business much like our company. Bringing together our innovative technologies and cultures with the Zanders’ family will promote business growth and efficiency for our clients and their customer base of over 32,000 active dealers.”
- Ian Goldman, Celerant’s CEO & President
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“One of the biggest demands we hear from our customers is the need for an affordable and scalable technology solution. That’s why we are thrilled to be partnering with Celerant Technology. Celerant offers an all-encompassing, turn-key solution that is ideal for small and mid-market retailers with limited technology resources. From a point of sale system to an eCommerce presence Celerant has it covered with their enterprise class technology.”
- Stefanie Zanders, Vice President and COO for Zanders Sporting Goods

POS & Range Features

Mobile POS with EMV & ATF compliance

Electronic A&D reporting

Inventory management

e4473 filing with iTouch

Range management

Pre-sell memberships & membership management

Club ID card printing with photo

E-Commerce Features

Integrated with iCumulus E-Commerce (NO upfront fees)

Pre-loaded with Zanders' products, description, 360 degree images

Modify vendor-supplied data to customize your site

Categorize products however you choose

Unique website layout with mobile-friendly design

iCumulus is designed with SEO best practices

Cross-channel pricing, promotion & gift cards

Online orders with in-store pickup/returns

Sell your own products &/or drop ship with vendors

Online range lane reservations

Marketplace integrations (Amazon, eBay, Walmart)