Apparel Retailer Uses Customized POS To Support Buy-Sell-Trade Retail Model

A POS system that can accommodate buy, sell & trade transactions


“The benefit of having [Clelerant] that we were able to move to an automated system. Ultimately, I think they made us faster…For the most part, we were very much a pen and paper kind of a cash register system with complicated trade conversions and taxation. So [Celerant’s] ability to work with us and understand our business needs and to also support us as we grow…is a company worth considering.”
– Sabrina Barger, Business Manager at Buffalo Exchange

The apparel & consignment shop challenge:

The challenge faced by Buffalo Exchange was that an enterprise level POS system capable of handling traditional sales in addition to trades and cash purchases simply did not exist. Further complicating matters was that store buyers do not purchase identified items from distributors; they literally have no idea what is going to walk through the door at any given time, and each different item needs its own unique SKU. In addition to merchandise trade and cash buy/sell functionalities, Buffalo Exchange also needed robust reporting capabilities so it could track inventory, customers, and employee buyer metrics. Because the store deals in the dynamic fashion industry, knowing what types of  clothing items are selling well is vital; and each unique SKU had to be trackable and reportable. Each individual purchase also had to be connected to a CRM database to keep Buffalo Exchange in compliance with various state regulations, originally written to govern pawn shops, this requires detailed record keeping for all retail buy transactions.

Buffalo Exchange now enjoys a fully scalable POS system for their apparel stores

Celerant had to understand Buffalo Exchange’s 49 store clothing consignment business needs in order to help them simplify and speed up their processes. The development of customized POS modules moved Buffalo Exchange from a manual to an automated retail system which simplified trade conversions, accounting and taxation for them. Buffalo Exchange has developed a great relationship with Celerant, who continues to support their apparel business as they grow.

Download the case study below to learn how Celerant developed the necessary modifications to support all of Buffalo Exchange’s unique buy/trade requirements.

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