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A POS System That Can Grow With You

A POS System That Can Grow With You

Add retail stores, E-Commerce, online marketplaces & electronic A&D to your business

We changed quite a few POS systems along the way due to our size and the fact that we needed the capability that could work with both Mac and PC...Celerant was of the few that could provide that for us. The A&D feature on the POS system...has much better routine to make sure our sales associates are where they need to be when they do their sales - Tom Frank, Jax Mercantile

As a traditional brick and mortar, Jax Mercantile wanted to keep up with technology and continue servicing their customers as they were expanding. Jax grew from one store to seven and “changed quite a few POS systems along the way” because they needed a system that could mange their seven stores, website and marketplace integrations all in one place. Stratus Retail provided the solution they needed. The electronic A&D feature helped their sales associates and the vendor integrations saved them time with daily purchase orders.

A POS System That Can Grow With You

Retailers, like Jax Mercantile, can use Celerant’s fully-integrated retail solution to easily manage their firearms store and/or website sales as they grow. FFL dealers can integrate with vendor catalogs (i.e, Sports South, Zanders, RSR, etc.) and select the items they want to sell by importing them into their Celerant database, including product descriptions and images. By leveraging your vendors, you can offer a wider variety of products on your site and have your customer’s orders fulfilled faster- directly by your vendors, with your branding. Once products are imported, you’ll be able to display live inventory on your E-Commerce website, automate your POs and utilize the vendor drop shipping functionality. You can automate the reordering process for items with high turnover and generate POs based on predefined min/max stock levels. POs can automatically be approved through email or EDI. Celerant makes it easy to simplify your sales process, save time and reduce errors by eliminating the need of manual data entry.

Manage your entire firearms business with the #1 retail software for FFL dealers and partner with a retail software company who cares about your success now and for years to come.


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