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Process Form 4473 Electronically at the Point of Sale

Process Form 4473 Electronically at the Point of Sale Software

Learn how Jay's Sporting Goods processes e4473 at the POS & tracks inventory

Celerant has been very integral in helping us provide inventory we have in stock online. Having [ATF] integrated in the point of sale system...that information you pushed over to your 4473, you don't have to re-key or re-type so you make less errors which means less issues going forward. Celerant does a good job as they grow, as time goes on, they are always putting new features into their product that we get to access to - Matt Poet, Marketing Director, Jay's Sporting Goods

If you are an FFL firearm dealer, wouldn’t it be easier to process Form 4473 electronically?

Stratus Retail is an ATF-compliant retail software that integrates with e4473 by iTouch Technology. Scan driver’s licenses, run NICS background checks and process Form 4473 — all at the Point of Sale.

Complete solution for firearm dealers

Our retail solution offers everything you need to manage your business in ONE system: POS, E-Commerce, e4473, electronic bound book, vendor integrations (i.e., Sports South, RSR, AcuSport, Zanders), GunBroker/Slick Guns integration, range management, memberships and much more.

e4473 iTouch Technology


e4473 Delivered Through a Touch Screen Kiosk at the POS

iTouch is an innovative digital touch screen technology providing an efficient and effective way of processing Form 4473, required by ATF in the purchasing of firearms. Provided through a touch screen kiosk, iTouch e4473 significantly reduces errors and its associated fines/penalties. iTouch integrates with Stratus Retail’s Point of Sale, to make it easier to process transactions, ensure sales inventory accuracy and comply with the ATF.

iTouch provides the ability to complete background checks. Whether selling a gun in your retail store, range or at a gun show, you can process background checks quickly and easily, and update your Celerant Point of Sale in real-time after the transaction is complete.


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Learn how Celerant’s software can help expand your firearms & range business!

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