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Providing Sporting Goods Retailers More Than Just A POS System

Providing Sporting Goods Retailers More Than Just A POS System

For almost two decades Celerant has helped FFL dealers integrate POS, range & E-Commerce

For almost two decades Celerant has helped FFL dealers integrate POS, range & E-Commerce

Whether you are a retailer who has one store or many stores with E-Commerce, shooting range and/or online range scheduling, you’ll want a retail system that can help your firearms business expand as it simplifies, automates and saves you time. Celerant has an all-in-one solution that can integrate POS, E-Commerce, vendor catalogs, CRM, ERP, e4473, electronic A&D book, range management, online course scheduling, memberships and more within a single platform. But software is not enough, at Celerant, client partnerships fuel us to find better solutions and stay ahead of technology. Clients like Jay’s Sporting Goods, Eastern Nebraska, SafeSide Tactical and Barney’s Police Supply have grown their businesses over the years. Watch the video compilation to hear what they have to say about their experiences with Celerant.

Distributor Integrations 

Retailers are leveraging vendors such as RSR, Sports South, Zanders, USC and more so they can offer a wider variety of products on their websites and have their orders fulfilled faster and drop shipped by these vendors.

Integrated E-Commerce

Celerant’s custom E-Commerce software offers FFL locators and enables you to expand your online reach through marketplace integrations (i.e.,, Gun Broker, SlickGuns, Amazon, Walmart, eBay). We design your website and fully integrate it within the POS system in real time. This eliminates double or manual-entry of orders, and inventory is shared with your brick-and-mortar store locations. You can view an order status in real-time, and receive alerts when an order is placed, fulfilled, and payment is processed. E-Commerce analytics are provided to help you monitor and improve the performance of your website.

Personalized Email Marketing Integration 

Further increase traffic and sales by integrating your system with our email marketing automation platform which schedules and deploys targeted email promotions based on your customers’ past store or online purchases. Celerant’s integrated marketing automation tool pulls real-time CRM and sales data from your system’s database to create customer segments and personalized email campaigns to assure your consumers will receive the right message at the right time.

Integrated Range Management with Recurring Billing 

Firearms dealers can easily manage all aspects of their shooting range with Celerant, including course scheduling and range management. Create reservations, check in customers, assign specific ranges or lanes, offer memberships, define any required waivers, accept all major forms of payment, and split sales for groups – all through the POS.

Integrated Electronic A&D and e4473 

Celerant provides an ATF-compliant Electronic A&D book, so firearms can be automatically added to the A&D Book upon purchase at the POS. This allows more accurate records, access your sales history faster and can easily provide the ATF with the data they need for compliance. Additionally, Stratus Retail seamlessly integrates with iTouch™ electronic Form 4473 so firearm dealers can search and retrieve any document on demand, and process background checks in a matter of minutes. iTouch 4473 is delivered through a touch screen application in a POS counter-top kiosk.


Manage your entire retail business with the #1 retail software for firearm dealers and partner with a POS software company who cares about your success now and for years to come.

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