Blog sporting Goods Retailer Wins Business with Retail Software Technology

Sporting Goods Retailer Wins Business w/ Retail Software Technology

Sporting Goods Retailer Wins Business w/ Retail Software Technology

Omega Sports leverages point of sale software and integrated E-Commerce to improve customer service

Omega Sports is a neighborhood sporting goods store with 14 locations in North Carolina and an E-Commerce website. They are known for good customer service and helping people be as active as they possibly can. Omega has been a Celerant client since 2015.

One of the ways we are winning is through the use of technology to give us an advantage. Our great partnership with Celerant helps us really understand our business and our data to make faster and better decisions than in the past. - Craig Carlock, CEO, Omega Sports

Celerant provides all of the tools a small to mid-size retailer needs. Some of the tools include: point of sale software, inventory management, E-Commerce, CRM, back end, fulfillment processing, automated purchase orders and more. “Partnering with Celerant has enabled us to use an integrated suite of tools, and is designed to be affordable, usable and functional for companies just like us,” says Carlock.

Payment Processing Helps Omega Win

Behind the scenes, Worldpay has helped Celerant provide an integrated payment processing solution. Together with Celerant, our retail partner Wordplay “enables our merchants to use any processing platform,” says Boyd. “They are our true gateway partner, enabling our retail clients to process with any bank of their choosing.”

With payment processing operating smoothly on the backend, Omega employees continue to delight shoppers with unmatched service, whether the customer is extremely active or picking out their very first baseball glove.

Ultimately, our goal is to bring technology and innovation to SMB retailers. We are providing functionality, typically available only to higher-tier merchants, to smaller retailers at a price point they can afford. So that’s really our whole mission – to help the smaller SMBs grow. - David Boyd, Senior Business Analyst at Celerant

What’s Next?

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Watch this video to listen to Omega Sport’s CEO discuss his experience with Celerant and their point of sale technology.

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If you’re a retailer looking to grow your business like Omega Sports, consider using Celerant as your POS/E-Commerce provider. Not only do we specialize in sporting goods, we were ranked the #1 Retail Software.

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Senior Business Analyst, Celerant Technology

With 19 years of experience deploying retail technology solutions, David Boyd is Celerant Technology’s go-to consultant for complex implementations that require extensive analysis, design, and customization. David works directly on-site with retail clients, conducting in-depth analysis of business operations and processes prior to managing the development and implementation of custom solutions scaled appropriately for existing and future needs. Prior to joining Celerant in 2005, David oversaw retail operations of Little Bucks as CIO and delivered customer e-commerce solutions and services as COO of Outweb, Inc.

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