Celerant Technology® Expands Retail Software Integration with Rezosystems™

Retailers can manage reservations, and accept payment for rentals with Celerant’s point of sale- bikes, skis, snowboards, boats, ATVs, archery, fishing and, more

Staten Island, NY (February 1, 2022)Celerant Technology, a leading provider of innovative retail solutions, expanded its integration with Rezosystems to provide custom reservation and rental functionality to multiple industry verticals. By combining Celerant’s point of sale with Rezosystems, retailers can take reservations in store, accept payment for rentals, and manage their entire retail business in a single solution.

“We are excited to expand our integration with Celerant to support a variety of industries Our partnership with Celerant and their ability to support multiple industries with point of sale, kiosks and eCommerce enables our retailers to process in-store rentals and reservations, and offer a more competitive shopping experience across all sales channels.”

Marc Harrell

Business Development - Rezosystems

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Rezosystems was originally developed for ski/snowboard rentals, and now offers specific features for a variety of industries, including bicycle, rafting, jeep/ATV, watersports, archery, fishing supply, and more. Rezo’s easy-to-use platform simplifies the reservation process for both the end customer and the business; and allows customers to book reservations and rent equipment in store via kiosk, tablet and desktop computer.

With the seamless integration between Celerant and Rezosystems, reservations are automatically pulled from within Rezosystems into Celerant’s point of sale. From the POS screen, sales clerks can include multiple people on a single reservation, enter new customers into Celerant’s built-in CRM, and add additional information to the reservation, such as rental items and/or packages, days rented, discounts, deposit, balance due, custom notes, and more – all of which can be printed on the sales receipt. Through Celerant’s back office software, retailers can setup seasonal/daily rental packages; manage rental and upsell items; integrate digital waivers into the reservation process; and send rental reminders to customers via integrated email and/or SMS text messaging.

“Partnering with Rezosystems allows our retailers to take advantage of a best-in-breed reservation and rental solution. Through our integrated platforms, our retail clients can streamline the reservation process, improve customer service, and increase sales on the rental side of their businesses.”

Ian Goldman


Ian Goldman Celerant Technology

Celerant’s integration with Rezosystems is available for Cumulus Retail, a cost-effective, SaaS solution for smaller retail businesses; and Stratus Enterprise™, a comprehensive solution with advanced functionality. To learn more about Celerant’s integration with Rezosystems, please visit www.celerant.com/rezosystems.

About Rezosystems
Rezosystems started creating custom reservations system for the vacation rental market in 2002, working with multi-property vacation rental companies and individual stand-alone properties - even a backcountry yurt. In 2005, we created our first activity-based reservation system for the ski rental business. Since then, we have built online reservation systems for a variety of recreation industries to include bike rentals, rafting trips, jeep/atv rentals and watersport rentals. We also offer a robust Guide Management System for fly fishing and biketours. We understand the needs of each business is unique, and so we offer industry-based, custom platforms that make booking simple for both the customer and the business, while giving retailers control of their products. For more information, visit www.rezosystems.com.

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