Celerant Technology Adds Marketing Automation and Email Personalization to Its Digital Marketing Services

By Sudipto Ghosh

Celerant Technology, the leading multi-channel retail management solution provider, released a series of new marketing automation capabilities for its retail platform. The new integrated automation capabilities from Celerant Technology will enable marketers to personalize their email campaigns based on consumer behavior, priming their SEO efforts.

Marketing efforts in 2016 were largely driven by automation, delivering excellent ROI. According to Ascend2 “Marketing Automation Trends Survey” (2016), 63% of companies outsource all or part of marketing automation strategy planning. 79% of top-performing firms have been using marketing automation for more than 24 months. By 2019, the global marketing automation market will reach $5.5 billion. It is obvious that B2B marketers consider marketing automation as their top digital priority.

Despite its positive adoption into marketing strategies, there is a visible disconnect between marketing automation platforms and content delivered to customers due to mismatched SEO campaigns. Celerant Technology’s latest automation will plug off this disconnect between marketing automation and SEO strategies. The new capabilities enable retailers to design customized content based on real-time retail environment and track traffic and sales using marketing automation capabilities.

Marketers can automate their email marketing campaigns and send personalized emails to customers based on their buying patterns, online behaviors, and demographics. The new capabilities capture relevant customer data to drive higher engagement and conversions. The backbone of this automation capability provided by Celerant is its indigenously built POS, e-commerce and CRM databases. Existing clients using Celerant POS can hit the ground running, expecting a quality increase in their sales traffic and conversations.

Retailers deploying Celerant’s latest automation capabilities in their existing POS and retail CRM systems can set alerts and triggers to send fully personalized messages to customers in an automated manner.


If a customer skimmed through hundreds of products and selected two items from the gallery, the automation tool will create triggers along those touchpoints. Depending on customer’s last action, the automation will enable retailers to send personalized emails, inviting them to complete the purchase or make a return visit.

“We discovered from working with our vast client base there was a huge need for an email automation platform. Many of our clients market through email campaigns- but they are sending mass messages to blind lists,” said Ian Goldman, CEO of Celerant Technology.“Many small and mid-market retailers lack the capability and/or internal resources to effectively manage personalized, targeted email marketing- as well as their own ongoing SEO- so we are excited to announce our platform and make our team of proven experts available to keep them on the forefront of digital marketing.”

By adding the new automation capabilities into its existing digital marketing services, Celerant now enables marketers to go past traditional CRM methodologies. Marketers can now forge long-term marketing relationship, increase traffic and conversions and build an optimized campaign for both online and in-store experiences.

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