Celerant Technology Announces New Marketing Automation

Staten Island, NY (November 10, 2016) – Celerant Technology, a leading provider of omnichannel retail management solutions, has launched its new email marketing automation platform, as an addition to its digital marketing services. With seamless integration, Celerant’s marketing automation pulls CRM and sales data in real-time, and uses this data to segment customers and send personalized emails based on automated workflows.

The power behind Celerant’s marketing automation is its ability to dynamically segment consumers based on their shopping behavior, past purchases, brand preferences and demographics. The system leverages customer data from every retail channel they visit, including your physical store(s) and website. This allows retailers to target and personalize email campaigns for the individual shopper. For example, women ages 30-50 that shop for Calvin Klein, men that shop for golf equipment, consumers that abandoned their cart, customers that haven’t purchased in 6 months, top customers and many more.

With Celerant’s marketing automation platform, email campaigns are personalized and sent based on automated workflows. That way, consumers will receive emails that are actually meant for them, increasing the chances they will click and convert into a sale. For example, invite customers to post online reviews for prior purchases; send suggested upsell items; remind shoppers with products in cart; offer targeted coupons; and reengage lost customers. These scenarios, plus many more, can be designed by your own marketing staff or by Celerant’s digital marketing experts who can make recommendations based on what works across multiple retail verticals.

“Personalized emails deliver 6x higher transaction rates compared to blind emails,” said Emerson Scherer, Digital Marketing Manager at Celerant Technology. “Most retailers, however, do not have the tools or bandwidth to personalize and automate campaigns, let alone gather all the customer data needed to make it happen. We are excited to offer personalized email automation, used by big box retailers, to the small and mid-market.”

Email marketing is by far the most cost-effective way to promote your business. Personalizing these emails by using valuable customer/sales data and sending the ‘right’ message at the ‘right’ time, significantly increases the success of email efforts.


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