The Evolution of CAM – 35 Years of Dependable Service to its Retail Clients

Over half of our retail clients have been active customers for over a decade; with 15% for over two decades!

CAM Commerce Headquarters
CAM Commerce Headquarters in Westminster, CA

Against a vast backdrop of new technology companies seemingly emerging overnight, CAM Commerce  boasts a legacy: Three decades of reputable service, and retail systems that constantly evolve for the modern-day retailer. Founded in 1983, CAM started out developing and installing point of sale software for small-to-mid size merchants and specialty markets. Over time, the company expanded from basic POS functions to include mobile eCommerce, cloud technologies, loyalty rewards, gift cards and integrated EMV payment processing for an increasingly digital world.

Today, with close to 35 years of retail platform experience, CAM Commerce remains an industry leader, continually developing top-of-the-line retail solutions for multi-channel retailers of the current day.

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While few technology companies have the extensive history of POS development and experience CAM has, the company does not stand on reputation alone; thousands of satisfied and repeat retail clients speak to CAM Commerce’s reliable and dependable history.

Over half of CAM Commerce’s retail clients–a total of 55 percent–have been active customers for over a decade; and 15 percent of those customers have relied on CAM Commerce as their main point of sale and eCommerce provider for two decades or more. While assisting new clients with their unique retail needs is part of what CAM does best, maintaining strong relationships with long-term customers sets the company apart from other retail software providers. Though CAM Commerce prides itself on consistent software developments, the company’s main focus remains on providing affordable and intuitive retail solutions designed for smaller merchants, empowering them with the technology they need to effectively manage and grow their business.

In 2012, CAM Commerce merged with Celerant Technology, a privately-held mid-market retail software leader. Together with Celerant, CAM Commerce launched Cumulus Retail, a cloud-based SaaS POS software with advanced features for small to mid-size merchants. While the retail industry, as a whole, shifts towards cloud-based software, Cumulus Retail stands out by combining the maturity of CAM Commerce with Celerant’s advanced technology – making it easier for merchants to compete with larger retailers. Some of the innovative features offered by Cumulus Retail include: Marketplace integrations (i.e., Amazon, Wal-Mart, eBay), vendor catalog imports, auto-replenishment, drop shipping, Always On’ POS, integrated email marketing and much more. The joint effort of CAM Commerce and Celerant Technology differentiates the company’s offerings, providing greater value to the retail industry. As CEO and president Ian Goldman puts it,

Cumulus Retail Opp

“What differentiates Cumulus Retail is the experience and maturity of our company…
Our goal is to support our clients’ long-term success; Cumulus Retail is the foundation for that success.”

– Ian Goldman

The CAM Commerce strategy is simple and straightforward: Help small businesses succeed by providing an advanced SaaS POS system at prices they can afford. CAM Commerce’s legacy of reliable service, with many team members employed for 10, 15, 20+ years, coupled with modern retail technology has allowed the company to remain at the forefront of the industry for the past three decades, and surely for many more decades to come.


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