Retail Employee Management Software

Within the Cumulus point of sale, you can easily schedule and manage your employees; define user permissions within your software, track employee punch cards and much more.

Cumulus’ employee management software offers the tools to schedule and manage staff from a centralized location. Create employee schedules, manage time off, monitor daily punches and track salaries within the POS system. Using reports, you can optimize the productivity and work schedules of your employees, while reducing labor costs.


Streamline Employee Management and Human Resources

  • Manage your staff from a centralized location
  • Create employee schedules and manage time off
  • Monitor daily time entries and punch cards
  • Manage user groups and set up restrictions
  • Track salaries and complete payroll functions
  • Optimize productivity and work schedules

Manage Your
Staff From A

Workforce management

Cumulus’ employee management software functions let you schedule and manage your staff from a centralized location. Easily complete payroll and commission and print checks through ADP integration.

Easily Set Up User Roles and Restrictions In Your System

User groups and restrictions

Easily edit or add new employees to the system. When you hire a new employee, Cumulus lets you create a user profile in minutes, which will be recognized by all systems. To make tasks within Cumulus even easier, you can group your employees and assign system roles and restrictions to each group.


Track Employee
Work Time
And Breaks

Employee punch cards

Use Cumulus’ employee management software to access employee punch cards. Use this feature to have your employees’ automatically punch in and out, and track the duration of their breaks, attendance and time worked per day, week, etc for accurate payroll.


In store and eCommerce packages for Cumulus Retail are available in scalable versions so as you grow, your POS and eCommerce system growth with you.

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