Stay on top of your business at a glance through Cumulus’ intuitive reporting dashboard to view KPIs and Business Intelligence about your retail operations. You can select your top reports, and view data based on the most valuable time periods. Included with no additional fees

Cumulus Retail provides retail POS reporting functions so you can gain insight into your entire business, both in store and online. Through our fully-integrated retail POS platform, you’ll have access to our small business intelligence and reporting software that lets you track KPIs across all retail channels using template and/or custom reports. Forecast inventory and sales by leveraging predictive analytics, historical data and more.


Retail Reporting, KPIs and Business Intelligence

  • Monitor your inventory turns and sales history
  • Identify how markdowns affect your margins
  • Use sell-through reporting to track product sales
  • Forecast inventory and optimize stock levels
  • Categorize your inventory based on various factors
  • Use templated reports or create your own

Track Your
Inventory Turns
And Sales
History Closely

Inventory turns and sales history

Inventory turnover reporting reflects the inventory sold during a certain time period. By knowing the turnover rate, you can plan for future inventory purchases and optimize stock levels. Cumulus’ retail POS reporting features also let you monitor sales made in a four-week period, allowing you to spot sales trends and patterns.

Find Your Sweet Spot For Price Markdowns

Permanent markdown reporting

Permanent markdown reporting provides data on how a markdown will affect or is affecting your business’s gross margins, helping you find the sweet spot for product markdowns.


Track How
Long It Takes
To Sell Certain

Sell-through reporting

Sell-through retail POS reporting monitors how long it will take to sell the inventory of a certain product, allowing you to better manage your inventory by keeping the right amount of inventory on hand.

Categorize and Accurately Calculate Your Inventory

Definable groupings and calculations

Group your inventory based on department, sub-type, category and more, to easily manage, monitor and label your inventory. Cumulus’ retail POS reporting features also includes definable calculation functions that let you quickly calculate the sum, count, average, minimum, maximum and more, without having to worry about human error.


Easily Compare
Date Ranges For
Reporting Purposes

Prior period on hand cost/retail

Cumulus provides advanced retail POS reporting functions including prior period on-hand cost/retail, which lets you compare specific time-periods in a customized report.

Build the Reports
You Need To
Run Your Business

Custom report designer

The custom report designer lets you build reports of your own. If you’re looking for inventory, customer, purchasing and employee data, the report designer can create individual reports or comprehensive ones that feature all the data together. Leverage analytics to monitor performance of your stores, eCommerce site and marketplace integrations (e.g., Amazon, eBay, Walmart, social media).


In store and eCommerce packages for Cumulus Retail are available in scalable versions so as you grow, your POS and eCommerce system growth with you.

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