Email Marketing and the Importance of Personalization

Learn how 2 retailers improved the success of their email marketing; increasing open rates to over 25%

“Unfortunately, many SMBs don’t understand the power of their data and how it can be used in an email marketing campaign. Some send bulk emails, and some may not have the resources to dedicate to an email strategy at all. In both cases, these companies don’t realize how much revenue can be generated.”
– Emerson Scherer, Digital Marketing Manager at Celerant Technology

The Power of Email

The benefit of segmented email marketing software and services can quickly be seen. With direct integration to point of sale data, companies can define segments based on live customer relationship management/sales data, allowing them to send personalized email campaigns to the right users at the right times. The goal is to increase open and click-through rates, ultimately generating additional revenue.

Merz Apothecary, the oldest pharmacy in Chicago and one of the oldest pharmacies in the United States, experienced the benefit of segmented emails firsthand. Maintaining customer purchasing data in Celerant makes it easy to send emails to specific customers based on their past purchasing behavior. “Segmented email is one that you tailor to a specific segment of people,” says Anthony Qaiyum, president of Merz. “For instance, if we have people who primarily buy fragrance from us, we don’t want to send emails focused heavily on herbal teas and supplements, and vice versa.”

“Conversion rates from segmented emails have been significant for us. In fact, email campaigns account for about 22 percent of our total online revenue…in terms of ROI, email marketing is number one by far, making it one of the lifelines of our business.”
– Anthony Qaiyum, President, Merz Apothecary

Turn Clicks Into Sales

One best practice to ensure high click rates is segmenting. This requires SMBs to become more adept at using their customer data to enhance the customer’s experience with the brand. With Celerant’s fully integrated email marketing platform, the system integrates the data in the point of sale and populates that data into the email marketing platform so retailers can define segments. When retailers start sending the right message to consumers, they can achieve open rates of 20 to 25 percent and click rates of 15 to 17 percent. “This can add up to significant dollars over time,” says Scherer.

“D&D Texas Outfitters creates messages that are likely to be relevant to [their customers]. By sending email communications tailored to known customer preferences, D&D boosted its open email rate from 8 percent to more than 25 percent.”
– D&D Texas Outfitters

Generate Dollars with Follow-up Messages

Automated workflows are a second element of the Celerant email automation platform that helps convert clicks into sales. A workflow may be an email reminding the customer there are still items in an abandoned cart. D&D Texas Outfitters also uses Celerant’s marketing automation tools to segment customers based on their shopping behaviors. D&D’s cart abandonment reminder emails have a staggering 37 percent open rate and have significantly helped complete more conversions.

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