Leading Technology Provider for the Footwear Industry

Celerant has been providing innovative retail solutions to the footwear industry for 20 years. Tailored to help apparel and footwear retailers grow, our Cumulus Retail™ and Stratus Enterprise™ commerce solutions let you quickly and easily import, categorize and manage your inventory by size, color, styles, type and so much more. Discover how our comprehensive footwear point-of-sale and shoe store POS solutions for in store and online can give you and your customers everything needed to complete transactions, with ease.

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Complete Commerce for Footwear Retailers

  • Get all apparel point-of-sale and shoe store POS features
  • Manage clothing and shoes by sizes, colors and styles
  • Launch an integrated eCommerce site as an extension of your footwear store
  • Offer promotions based on customer and seasonal demand
  • Quickly help customers anywhere with mobile point-of-sale
  • Target customers based on past purchases and brand preferences
  • Use three-dimensional matrices to categorize products
  • Promote your website through social media and digital marketing
  • Expand online sales by integrating Amazon, eBay and more

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