Evereve Harnesses Customer Data To Launch Successful eCommerce

Bringing the in store personal styling experience to online retail.

Evereve is a woman’s clothing boutique that caters to fashion loving moms. To do this, Evereve must be aware of the active lifestyles these women have in order to find the right apparel, footwear, and accessories for all their activities including work, play, and special events. Since it’s inception, Evereve has opened 90 stores in 22 states since it’s launch 14 years ago. Evereve customers exhibit strong loyalty to the company, and these relationship are the core differentiation that separates it from competitors. By implementing Celerant retail technology, Evereve has been able to keep track of their inventory and provide continued great customer service with an omnichannel retail solution.

“With Celerant Technology when an order is delivered to a customer, whether ordered on Evereve.com or Trendsend.com, it is fulfilled from the best possible location — any one of our store or warehouse. This flexibility ensures the best possible service levels and allows any store or our digital team to access any record and process returns efficiently.”
– Anthony Hoang, CIO, Evereve

Integrated POS and eCommerce

Evereve has professional stylists on staff to help customers find the perfect merchandise for their needs. Over time, their stylists get to know the personal tastes of each and every customer and can make recommendations that fit their preferences perfectly.

To mimic the experience Evereve offers its customers in-store, they created the eCommerce website Trendsend.com to enable an assisted, highly personalized online shopping experience. The company sends its shoppers outfits they are likely to enjoy because they have been hand-selected by stylists who understand their individual tastes. And, on top of that, Evereve’s online orders are be fulfilled automatically from the best possible location. 

Because Trendsend.com integrates with Evereve’s point of sale software, with the intelligence gleamed from online records they are able to provide a more personalized online experience. Regardless of which channel customers use to engage and shop, their preferences are analyzed to create more highly customized experiences with any channel.


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