Celerant Partners with Otter Waiver to Help Firearm Dealers Enhance the Range Experience

Dealers can auto-generate liability waivers with eSignatures on-the-fly, that can be signed online or on a kiosk at the point of sale

Staten Island, NY (November 18, 2021) – Celerant Technology, a leading provider of retail software for the firearms industry, today announced a partnership with Otter Waiver, an innovative digital waiver and eSignature system for outdoor sporting and shooting ranges. Through an integration with Celerant’s point of sale and range software, dealers can streamline lane reservations with custom, contactless liability waivers, while managing their entire range and retail sales in a single solution.

Celerant's FFL Retail Software Integrates with Otter Waiver

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“Partnering with Celerant is exactly what was needed to help the shooting range industry grow and provide exceptional customer service. We are committed to giving business owners the freedom to run their business more efficiently, and we believe our integration with Celerant will empower the gun range community to hit their targets by simplifying the waiver process and increasing customer retention.”

Ben NelsoN

CEO of Otter Waiver

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Celerant offers an all-in-one FFL retail software that enables dealers to manage their gun shop, range and online sales as one. By integrating with Otter Waiver, dealers can automatically generate digital waivers for each usage by pulling customer data from within the retail database. Users can sign waivers on a tablet-kiosk at the point of sale, and soon will be able to access and sign waivers directly on the dealer’s website. As customer data is updated in Celerant’s back-office software, waivers are automatically updated with the new data– expediting the check-in process and helping to reduce data errors.

Otter Waiver’s platform offers a simple, user-friendly solution to help keep customers by streamlining the waiver process. Based on industry best practices, Otter is the only waiver software compliant with eSign in 20+ countries, built to meet stringent privacy, compliance, and security standards. Dealers can sign up and get started in less than 10 minutes using their easy-to-use waiver builder and simple messaging system (SMS) tools for customer retention.

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“Celerant has worked hard over the past year to enhance the range experience for our dealers and their customers. We recently introduced range enhancements, new automated SMS text messaging that can send alerts, such as lane reminders, exceeded allotted time, and other triggers defined in the software, and more. The addition of Otter Waiver will help our dealers further enhance lane/course scheduling, and increase customer retention.”

Ian GoldmaN

President and CEO of Celerant Technology

Ian Goldman Celerant Technology

Learn more about Celerant’s FFL retail and range management software with Otter Waiver.


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