Firearms Dealers can Save Time and Sell More with Distributor Integrations


“We wanted to be in E-Commerce. We tried and failed a couple of times. To start with a blank slate and say ‘I want to sell 10,000 products on a website’ is an unbelievably daunting task. So to have a partner in Sports South and Celerant to say ‘we can import all 38,000 SKUs in our catalog’…effectively got us to a launched website probably a year ahead of what we could have done. And at a much lower cost”
– Mitchell Tyler, Co-Owner, SafeSide Tactical


Problem: Retailers are finding it difficult to offer a wide selection of products online and in-store. Aside from the inventory cost to warehouse these products, they must also invest a great amount of time setting up products and adjusting inventory levels.

Solution: Retailers can access live inventory vendor feeds and offer thousands of products online that they don’t carry in-store to help generate more revenue and improve customer experience. The vendor feeds provide product images, descriptions, specs, etc. which save valuable resources in setup time. In addition, orders are fulfilled by vendor which eliminates the cost of fulfillment.

Celerant’s vendor integrations allow retailers to take full advantage of their distributors. Celerant has partnered with leading firearm distributors like Sports South, RSR, AcuSport, Zanders and more to automate once manual processes and save retailers time entering products and creating purchase orders for inventory replenishment. The ability to access live inventory feeds and view available quantity on hand makes it easy for retailers to sell thousands of in-stock products on their website without the burdensome cost of warehousing. Additionally. vendors provide drop shopping services which save retailers the time and cost of order fulfillment. 

Celerant provides the tools needed to streamline supply from their vendors. Through these tools, retailers can integrate with vendor catalogs; automate purchase orders; display vendor’s available inventory on their websites; drop ship; communicate via EDI; and optimize with business intelligence. By leveraging integrated vendor tools, retailers can now offer a wider variety of products on their websites and have their orders fulfilled faster- directly by the vendors, under their own branding.

SafeSide Tactical is just one success story of many. Sporting Goods retailers are using Celerant’s system to integrate their stores, E-Commerce, inventory, marketplaces and more. This video highlights the impact that it can have on a retail business.

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