Footwear Retailer Manages Inventory with Celerant’s Point of Sale Software

How Shoe Gallery utilizes Celerant’s retail technology to manage inventory in-store and online

Shoe Gallery , a Celerant client since 2006, is a premier footwear and apparel retailer with 4 stores in the Georgia, Mississippi and Oklahoma area.How Shoe Gallery Utilizes Celerant Retail Technology to Organize Inventory - Image

Prior to implementing Celerant, the company was not able to properly manage inventory, which consisted of more than 200 brands. Employees were not able to search inventory; they had stocking issues; and lacked the technology to reorder products as needed.

“With the strong reporting Celerant provides, we can recognize trends and demand quicker, allowing us to reorder what is needed. And the fact that everything is integrated in real-time gives us relevant data instantly. So, informed decisions can be made that much quicker, which compels your business to grow.”
– Will Brooks, CFO, Shoe Gallery

Maintaining a Tight Grip Over Inventory

After countless hours of research, Shoe Gallery chose Celerant Technology as their retail solution provider. In order to get a tight grip over their massive and expanding inventory, they required the rich features that Celerant provides. For example, they customized 18 new fields to manage their inventory; set up automated purchase orders to reorder inventory based on min/max levels; and streamlined their  fulfillment process. This ensures shelves are always well-stocked without over-ordering.

“If a customer can hit our products quicker, they’ll be able to check out faster and conversions will likely increase” says Brooks, “Which is ultimately what everyone wants.”

Integrating POS and E-Commerce

In 2009, Shoe Gallery launched an E-Commerce site built by Celerant. The website is mobile-friendly and easy to navigate; it showcases products, suggests similar products and offers promotions – providing a great online shopping experience. The website also integrates with the point of sale in real-time, ensuring shoppers have access to accurate product data and stock levels.


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