Footwear Retailer Manages Multiple Stores & Amazon Sales With ONE System

Growing pains of a footwear retailer

Benjamin Lovell Shoes, a footwear retailer, expanded to 5 stores with Celerant’s retail software. The company started as a small footwear retailer in Philadelphia in 1991, and quickly grew after they were acquired by Sole Provisions. After the acquisition, they grew from a single warehouse in Long Island to five stores. The ERP system they were using at the time didn’t have the capacity to manage multiple locations, so they decided to upgrade to a new POS system. They also wanted a system to expand their omni-channel presence, including Amazon, so they could reach customers both in store and online.

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Benefiting from a new, omnichannel retail system

In 2016, Benjamin Lovell Shoes switched their retail software to Celerant. The new solution allows them to manage their warehouse, all 5 stores, and online marketplace business- all in a single place. They now operate more efficiently, and have more inventory control across all locations. The time saved using Celerant helps them focus on growth; they were able to increase sales all around, improve omnichannel fulfillment, and improve customer service. Today, with the help of Celerant, they are considering opening up even more locations.

"In today’s retail, you got to be able to leverage your inventory on every platform. We use Celerant to do that omni-channel experience very efficiently. It’s the backbone of everything that functions in our company now."

Jared Rueda, Director of eCommerce - Benjamin Lovell Shoes

With Celerant, Benjamin Lovell Shoes can now provide a true omni-channel experience. Celerant helped them integrate all retail locations, warehouse and Amazon sales; and built modifications and consolidated reports to make the process easier.

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