How To: Streamline Your Retail Technology Needs

Choosing the right retail technology for your business is not easy. Not only are there a ton of solutions to choose from, a retailer's needs change over time as their business grows. As a result, many retailers end up using older systems they've become accustomed to; or purchase too much technology along the way.

In this blog, you'll learn how to choose technology that's right for your retail business now, and in the future, including Celerant’s all in one retail software solutions.

Step 1: Know what your retail business really needs

Many retailers invest in retail technology based on their current needs, without considering their future plans. Not having the right software from the very beginning makes it hard for a business to grow. Let me illustrate:

A retailer purchases a point of sale system for their first store. Six months later, they purchase a separate eCommerce system. Even though it's a pain, they upload products to each system separately, and update online inventory daily. A year later, they open a 2nd location; but the POS in each store do not comminute. Inventory becomes harder to control, and online orders are always fulfilled by the same store. Every night, the business owner has to reconcile sales data from 2 stores and their website before going home. Today, they want to expand to Amazon. Can their current system handle it?

When retailers outgrow their technology, some choose to live with it, while others hire developers to improve what they have; but the more successful retailers switch to an all in one POS system for retail that offers everything they need. That's why it's important to consider your current and future business needs before investing in retail technology. As a retailer, here are some technology you'll want to consider: point of sale software, eCommerceNew WindowEcommerce website design - ecommerce marketplace softwareNew WindowNew WindowNew WindowNew Window, payment processing and security, inventory management, shopper incentivesRetail crm software - customer loyalty software, email marketing, accounting/tax solutionRetail erp software - retail reporting software - stratus enterprise pos, cash draws and receipt printers, mobile devices, barcode scanners and more.

Tip: Create a 'needs list' before investing in technology for your business.

Step 2: Choose solution providers that meet your needs

When deciding on solution providers, it important their solutions are aligned with your budget and are scalable. If you're just starting out and plan to expand in the next year or two, choose a provider that offers solutions you can afford now, and offers options to help you grow in the future. In addition, any provider worth considering should be able to help you transition to their solution as smoothly as possible, and provide the level of support you're comfortable with.

Questions to use in your selection process:

  1. Are your solutions Cloud-based, on-premise, hybrid or all of the above?
  2. What happens if internet goes down? Can I process sales? Can I access pricing & customer data?
  3. What is your pricing model (SaaS, purchase)?
  4. Are there large upfront fees?
  5. What level of support do you offer (email, phone, chat, online knowledge base)? Hours? Costs?
  6. Do you offer product add-ons or an upgrade path that can support my growth?

Tip: Choose a provider that offers solutions you can afford now, and options to help you grow.

Looking to advance your retail?

Let us help! Celerant is a full service retail software provider. We offer point of sale, eCommerce and digital marketing solutions to small and mid size retailers across the country.

Step 3: Integrate as much as possible

It’s important to leverage all in one retail software solutions that integrate. If all your software needs can be met with a single solution, you will save money and run your business more efficiently.

Benefits of a fully-integrated retail system:

  • Cuts down costs for implementation, support, training and more
  • Enables you to manage your entire business in a single place- preferably in real-time
  • Eliminates the need for manual data entry and data errors
  • Gives you better insight into your business with integrated data
  • Provides customers with a complete cross-channel experience
  • Allows you to rely on one company for all tech support needs

Celerant Technology is a single solution provider that enables retailers to manage their entire business- in store and online- in a single system. With plenty of addons and an upgrade path to a more advanced system, retailers can start small, and continue growing with Celerant. As a one-stop shop, Celerant offers point of sale, eCommerce, marketplace integrations, email marketing and SEO; and integrates with retail distributors, retail hardware providers and payment processors. As an experienced provider, Celerant also helps retailers switch from their current solution, and offers the services needed to make the transition as seamless as possible.

Tip: Invest in a fully-integrated system, that offers plenty of add-ons and 3rd-party integrations.

Learn how Celerant can help you manage your entire retail business in a single solution

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