How To Utilize E-Mail Marketing to Promote Your Business In-Store & Online

Personalized E-mail Marketing Drives More Traffic – Delivering Up to 6X Higher Transaction Rates

Integrated marketing automation tools allow you to manage your campaigns & promotions and seamlessly send personalized emails to customers with automated workflows.

Use the data you’ve collected

Use your acquired customer data and automated e-mails to market to customers based on their buying patterns and overall shopping behavior. This will ensure that customers receive emails relevant to them, which in turn will increase the likely hood that they will click through and make another purchase.

Give some incentive

Through email marketing you will be able to invite customers to post online reviews of their recently purchased items and suggest similar products to them. Go ahead and send some coupons they will have use for and watch as they trickle in. This provides your customers with a reason to return to your store.

Pull data from every channel

Within the CRM, customer emails will be grouped by their shopping habits, past purchases, brand preferences, and demographics. The marketing tool pulls data from all of your retail channels: from your POS and eCommerce to third-party marketplaces.

Automate when to send & to whom

By utilizing this data, you can automate personalized email campaigns to send to targeted groups or individuals at specific times: for example, after a purchase or if an online shopping cart is full. This will ensure that your customers receive emails specific to them and increase the possibility of another sale.

Putting email marketing into action…

Integrate: Integrate your email platform with point of sale, to send messages based on past purchases and preferences.

Define: Decide who will be receiving this E-mail

Test: Design and make sure to remove any errors

Send: Send immediately or schedule for later release

Socialize: Share your campaigns on social media

Analyze: Track and interpret your results for continued growth

All in all, email marketing is a cost effective way to increase traffic and sales across all of your retail channels, from your POS & eCommerce to market place integrations. In modern day, growing your email list is absolutely essential for marketing to your customers and growing your business.


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