How To Improve Your Retail Business with ONE fully integrated Retail Software Solution

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“We started having issues with the growth of our company and the current software we had at the time so we needed to find something that was more integrated and can handle our business…Complete integration of the software is the biggest key factor that we’ve needed and we got it with Celerant. Everything being integrated and in one spot…makes everything more streamlined through the stores and through the company”
– Tim Heinzen, Owner, Barney’s Police Supply

Barney’s Police Supply implemented Celerant Technology’s Retail Management System 11 years ago to track and manage all firearm sales and to address the challenges associated with adding more store locations. Barney’s firearms bound book was not integrated with their Point of Sale so transferring data between two systems created ATF problems. Additionally, their prior system did not have live data which created issues transferring product and customer information. The 24 hour delay they were experiencing was no longer acceptable. Customer records, for example, weren’t getting updated when customers were sent from one store to another to make a purchase. And inventory tracking was inaccurate when firearms were moved from one store to another (or their website).


So what’s the answer? ONE fully integrated system!

Firearm retailers, like Barney’s Police Supply, use Celerant’s fully-integrated retail solution to easily transfer data between stores/website in real-time, improve customer experience, track inventory accurately and integrate their bound book to ensure data accuracy and AFT compliance. Celerant’s system manages inventory and firearm sales, with customized reporting in line with the strict requirements set forth by the ATF. When Barneys conducts a background check via the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), that number is entered into the Celerant POS system, eliminating the need to enter it into a separate firearms transaction tracking program.

Without a built-in module that helps facilitate ATF acquisition and disposition reporting, firearms retailers put themselves at significant risk of errors and erroneous reporting that could cost them their license, major fines, or worse, the crippling cost of litigation.

Learn how Celerant’s software can help improve your firearms business!

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