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Celerant’s complete commerce and point of sale solutions help hardware and paint retailers manage large and varied inventory, special orders and vendors. Our hardware store point-of-sale, plus retail management solution, will streamline your hardware store’s operations, so you can help more customers find what they need.

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Complete Commerce for Hardware Retailers

  • Sell hardware supplies anywhere with our mobile hardware store point of sale systems
  • Incentivize contractors with reward clubs & loyalty programs
  • Import products from vendor catalogs (i.e., Emery Jensen)
  • Reorder inventory with automated purchase orders
  • Create special orders for custom items & out-of-stocks
  • Fulfill orders from your store with integrated shipping tools
  • Launch an integrated eCommerce site as an extension of your store
  • Promote your website through social media and digital marketing
  • Expand online sales by integrating Amazon, eBay and more

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