Do you send spam, or emails your customers want? With Celerant’s email marketing software, your customers will receive emails that are actually meant for them. The system uses real-time sales data to send automated emails based on past purchases, brand preferences and demographics. By integrating with Celerant’s retail system, you can target customers from every channel they visit (POS, eCommerce, Amazon, eBay, etc).

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6 Must-Have Email Workflows

  • Post-Purchase Workflow: Email customers 2 weeks after purchase inviting them to write an online product review
  • Abandoned Shopping Cart Workflow: Email online shoppers 30 minutes after leaving their cart with a reminder to complete the transaction
  • Customer Re-engagement Workflow: Email customers who haven’t purchased in 6 months with your latest promotions

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“Conversion rates from segmented emails have been significant for us. In fact, email campaigns account for about 22 percent of our total online revenue…in terms of ROI, email marketing is number one by far, making it one of the lifelines of our business.”

– Anthony Qaiyum, President, Merz ApothecaryMrz logo

In Store

Manage apparel, footwear & accessories

Assist customers anywhere with Celerant’s mobile POS; import products; manage styles via a 3-D color/size matrix; automatically replenish inventory; and offer targeted promotions, BOGOs, coupons and loyalty rewards. Leverage Celerant’s Product Catalog to search through an “endless aisle” of products you may not currently carry, and order them on the POS.


Sell more soft goods online

Celerant’s eCommerce integrates with the POS, allowing you to operate your store and website in a single place. Fulfill online orders from your stores, and drop ship through your distributors. Increase sales by integrating with online marketplaces (Farfetch, Amazon, eBay); and by sending automated, personalized email campaigns based on the shopper’s brand preferences and past purchases.

Digital Marketing

Promote your apparel business

Celerant’s email automation platform integrates with your sales and CRM in real-time, allowing you to personalize email campaigns based on your shoppers’ brand preferences, past purchases and demographics. Celerant also offers social media integrations to help you promote and sell products through social news feeds; and services for email marketing and eCommerce SEO.

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