Are you and your staff wasting time with duplicate data entry for your eCommerce site? Stop manually entering your products on your website, and then having to manually enter your online orders into your point of sale. Not only are you wasting time, you are risking errors, out-of-stocks, delayed orders, and needless returns- leading to unhappy customers. Your time can and should be much better spent serving your customers and making more sales!

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Everything you need to manage your web & store

At Celerant, we create your Cumulus eCommerce site- with no upfront fees– and it’s integrated with your Cumulus point of sale. That means you only have to update your system once- changes to pricing, promotions, products, etc are reflected immediately both in store and online. And our eCommerce sites offer easy-to-use drag and drop tools so you can easily make changes and add pages on-the-fly, without the need of a web developer.

  • Bulk product import & export
  • Unlimited products, images, categories
  • Product filters & suggested items
  • Coupons, rewards & gift cards
  • Fast & secure checkout
  • Order history for customers
  • Customizable order notifications
  • In store pickup & returns
  • Product reviews & comparisons
  • Email marketing integration
  • UPS, FedEx & USPS integrations
  • Marketplace integrations (Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc.)

“The reinvention of my business, which is exciting to me, is the eCommerce site through Celerant. I feel like we will start gaining a new customer base, maybe even a younger age group. The ability to be live on my inventory will be very helpful. It will also teach me how much more I need to purchase to keep inventory available for that customer shopping with me online. It tells me on whether I need to reorder or put something on sale to clear inventory quickly. If I were to talk to any retailers I would highly, highly recommend Celerant. I mean, these guys care.”

-Eddie Hamra, Owner, Edward’s Men’s Wear

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