Eastern Nebraska was a small gun shop who operated manually, without a retail software platform. They partnered with Celerant and expanded their store; opened a range; and now operate every aspect of their business through the Celerant system. They also manage their A&D book, scan products, print tags, check-in customers, and track inventory- all in a single place.

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Top Reasons Firearm Dealers Choose Celerant

ATF-compliant: Leverage Celerant's eBoundBook, or integrate with FastBound's A&D/e4473
Inventory management: Import products & automatically reorder inventory from your distributors
Mobile point of sale: Sell products in store or at gun shows with mobile POS
'Always On': Ring up sales & access all POS features if internet goes down
Range management: Manage your range, classes & course scheduling
Rentals & repairs: Service customers at the POS for rentals, repairs & buy/trade
Gun clubs: Offer club memberships with ID cards & recurring billing
eCommerce: Display your distributors’ live inventory online with drop shipping
Email marketing: Send targeted promotions based on past purchases & brand preferences
Marketplaces: Expand online sales by integrating with GunBroker, SlickGuns, Guns.com, Amazon
Analytics: Make smarter firearm purchasing decisions based on reporting

In Store

Manage & grow your gun store

With Celerant’s mobile POS system, you can be ready quickly by importing products from your distributors, using Celerant’s internal A&D book or choosing to integrate with FastBound’s A&D and e4473; and setting up reorder points to replenish inventory with automated purchase orders. Offer multi-level memberships and loyalty rewards to increase sales.

Gun Store Point of Sale

Range Management


Manage your shooting range & courses

Manage your firearm courses, class scheduling and range. Create reservations, check in customers, assign specific lanes, offer memberships, define required waivers, and split sales for groups. Track which courses have been completed. Enable members to reserve lanes online.


Sell guns & outdoor hunting equipment online

Operate your store and website as ONE with Celerant’s eCommerce solution. Display your distributors’ products on the site with online data feeds; fulfill online orders from your store, or drop ship through your distributors. Increase sales by integrating with GunBroker, Slick Guns, Guns.com and Amazon; and by sending automated email campaigns based on your customers brand preferences and past purchases.

“Celerant has been very integral in helping us provide inventory we have in stock online. Having [ATF] integrated in the point of sale…that information pushed over to your 4473, you don’t have to re-type so you make less errors which means less issues going forward. Celerant does a good job as they grow; they are always putting new features into their product that we get to access to.”

-Matt Poet, Marketing Director, Jay’s Sporting GoodsJays Sporting Goods logo

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