Luxury Apparel Retailer Improves Customer Service In-Store and Online

Apparel Store Improves Customer Service In-Store and Online

Tootsies, a luxury apparel retailer in Houston, Texas has been using Celerant’s real-time point of sale software since 2004. In this video, Tejas Sanghavi (IT Manager, Tootsies) shares why Celerant is an integral part of their business and how it helps them to function properly.

“Tootsies has benefitted from having Celerant as a partner because of all of the modules that Celerant has to offer, from point of sale to order fulfillment, and reporting; everything comes together and now e-commerce has been added to that mix, which also allows our management team to see how the store is doing as a whole.”
– Tejas Sanghavi, IT Manager, Tootsies

Manage Your Stock Levels with Real-Time Inventory Updates

“Our stock levels aren’t the traditional stock levels for a retail store,” says Sanghavi. “Sometimes we only have one or two of an item. If it sells in Houston or it sells in Atlanta we need to know about it right away and Celerant was able to do that.” With a fully integrated retail system, inventory levels reflect in real-time, preventing mishaps like running out of stock by simply setting minimum/maximum levels to automatically reorder merchandise depending on the preferences set.

Tootsies not only uses Celerant’s POS in their high-end apparel stores, but also has a custom E-Commerce website developed and designed by Celerant. With complete integration in real-time, as soon as a product is sold in-store, the website is reflected immediately- which is vital for a luxury apparel retailer like Tootsies since they often only have one or two of an item.

Integrate with 3rd Party Marketplaces to Increase Sales

Online marketplace integrations are also significant to Tootsies online business. Celerant’s integration to Farfetch, an online marketplace for luxury fashion retail, has made the selling process more efficient in that with just a few simple clicks, Tootsies can upload products to the marketplace and incoming orders flow into Celerant’s POS software system as if they are coming in from Tootsies own website.

Tootsies also takes advantage of Celerant’s social media integrations to their website. Selling products through social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc) is one of the best ways apparel and footwear retailers can promote their businesses. Displaying ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ buttons on your products, selling merchandise via social media news feeds, and pulling your recent social posts can all help significantly increase your apparel sales.

Improve Customer Service

From shipping and receiving to transfers, real-time POS and returns to E-Commerce and fulfillment; Celerant has become an integral part of day to day operations and essential for Tootsies organization to function. Tootsies has been able to improve their customer experience in-store and online by having a fully integrated point of sale system with an E-Commerce website that is updated in real-time to reflect just how their store is doing. Manage your entire business with the #1 retail software for Apparel Retailers and partner with a retail software company who cares about your success now and for years to come.

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