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The Children’s Shop has been Atlanta's finest children's clothing and gift shop since 1988. For over 20 years, the store used the same retail software; and their business had been becoming stagnant. They realized they needed a modern retail solution.

Switching retail solutions

Switching to a new solution was be a HUGE change for the company, so it was important their new provider help them transition. The owner decided to upgrade to Cumulus Retail, a Cloud-based SaaS retail management solution from Celerant Technology. The system offered all the features they needed to manage their store; and with the help of Celerant’s Support Team, the transition was seamless.

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“We were with another retail provider for many years, and it was time to change; we were becoming a little stagnant. Transitioning to Cumulus Retail was exceptionally easy… We were nervous, but Support made it so easy for us. We are so pleased with the product; it really allows us to spend time where we want to be- and that’s on the sales floor."

Vicki Davis, Co-owner - The Children’s Shop

Results from switching retail solutions

Cumulus Retail provided everything they need to run their store more efficiently. Employees can ring up sales a lot quicker, and provide clearer receipts to customers. They also spend less time with the technology, which allows them to spend more time with customers, and on tasks they normally wouldn’t have time for.

Payment processing is also more secure with point-to-point encryption and tokenization, which gives customers confidence that their payment data is secure.

The owner, Vicki Davis, really loves that she can manage the store from anywhere. The Back Office allows her to run reports and check inventory remotely. Even when she’s out-of-town, she can see how the store is doing, and troubleshoot any issues. She also loves the point of sale system, which allows her to easily see what customers are purchasing, and what's coming in-and-out of the store.

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