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Celerant is a partner with shooting sports giant, Camfour, Inc.™ The partnership unites Camfour’s EZGUN ordering system and product data feeds with Celerant’s innovative retail technology, enabling dealers to streamline replenishment, and keep their eCommerce website and in store kiosks updated with the latest products. EZGUN offers dealers access to an extensive catalog of firearms, hunting and shooting supplies from top manufacturers; and exclusive guns not sold at ‘big box’ stores.

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Countrywide Sports

Countrywide Sports is a top distributor of firearms, ammunition and accessories serving federally licensed dealers.

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Celerant’s retail software integrates with Fortis™ to offer retailers omnichannel payment options.

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Worldpay is a leading payments provider for both small to enterprise-size retail businesses, simplifying payments in-store, online and mobile.

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ClearSale offers the most complete online fraud protection solution in the industry.

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Camfour is a leading shooting sports distributor and provider of EZGUN.


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