Five Reasons to Choose Mobile POS

Why your business should consider a mobile POS system

Retail-life is not easy. It can be extremely stressful and difficult to run a store and train your staff on how to process sales and transactions. Well, processing sales just got a lot easier thanks to Mobile POS systems. Imagine having the flexibility to turn any tablet or iPad into a hybrid register that offers all the POS functionality found in traditional point of sale. Here’s five reasons why your business should consider switching to a mobile POS system.

1. Process sales from anywhere in your store!

The days of waiting on line for a cashier at a register to ring your customers up are over. With a mobile POS system your staff can move around the store assisting customers and processing sales. A mobile point of sale gives you all of the functions of a register, but on a portable tablet or iPad POS system.

By being able to process sales from anywhere in your store you decrease customer waiting time- improving the overall shopping experience and building customer loyalty. Being on the sales floor during the sales transaction, your staff is able to make much more authentic connections with your customers which will for sure have them coming back for more.

2. Process sales more quickly!

mobile tablet pos system
Cumulus Retail shown on the Ingenico iSMP4 & iPAD Companion

Another benefit of mobile tablet POS systems are that they can help you speed up the sales process. You can easily scan merchandise, accept payments and print receipts all with your portable mobile POS devices.

It’s fast and easy to collect payments using a Bluetooth EMV device. All you need to do is simply dip the card into the mobile reader, and have your customer sign the screen or enter the pin. Receipts can be printed using a mobile receipt printer or digital receipts can be sent via email which allows you to capture and contact customers in the future about any sales or promotions occurring in your store.

3. Get all the functions of a register- at your fingertips!

With a mobile point of sale system, you have the ability to turn your tablet or iPad into a hybrid POS cash register. Meaning you are able to provide flexibility to your store and also sell products on the go or at the counter- wherever need be. This will help the overall efficiency of the store and your staff. They will no longer feel pulled in every direction- because they can do almost everything they need to do at the touch of their fingertips.

4. Manage your store on your mobile POS!

mobile ipad pos devices

Mobile POS systems make retail-life overall so much easier. You are able to easily look up customers and products- making associates and managers’ lives less stressful. Another perk of a mobile POS system is that you are able to manage your loyalty rewards program along with your promotions, gift cards, and so much more.

Being able to look up both customers and products on your tablet or iPad POS also improves staff efficiency and customer service. By looking up your products to see if you have them in inventory instead of sending an associate in the stock room to check frees up a lot of unnecessary, wasted time. Because of all the information on your mobile POS, you are also able to look up if the product a customer wants is available in another location, or if it’s available in another size, color, etc. By doing this and showing the customer their options, they will be much more pleased with your customer service and will be more likely to return.

5. Add registers during busy holiday seasons!

Cumulus Retail shown on MePOS Pro
Cumulus Retail shown on MePOS Pro

Everyone knows that the busiest time of year for retail stores is September through January. This is when the holiday season strikes, and the crowds come out in full force. No matter how many associates you have on the schedule, the amount of registers available may not be enough. This is another reason to have a mobile POS system ready for use.

Mobile POS is an inexpensive way to add registers to your store during your busiest times. For the price of one register, you can easily buy multiple mobile POS systems and spread them out throughout your store. By doing this, you are able to assist customers- whenever and wherever they need it. Mobile POS can also help make your seasonal off-site “pop-up” events easier to manage. Setting up your mobile POS on a tablet or iPad makes it easy to travel and to reconcile sales with your retail store while on the road.

Still not sure if a mobile POS solution is for you? Check out the video above to see the many other perks of having a mobile POS system in your store- we promise you won’t regret it. Mobile POS makes retail-life easier for you and your staff, and makes the shopping experience much more pleasant for your customers- which will have them coming back again and again.


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