New Web Application Makes Curbside Pickup Easier for Retailers and Shoppers

New web application streamlines and organizes curbside pickup, making it easier for retailers to continue servicing customers safely during Coronavirus

New Curbside Pickup Web ApplicationStaten Island, NY (April 21, 2020) – Celerant Technology, a leading provider of innovative retail solutions, today announce a new Curbside Pickup Web Application for retailers. The new web-based application enables retail stores to streamline the process of curbside pickup, making it easier for both the retailer and the shopper, while reducing the risk of spreading COVID-19 with ‘contactless’ delivery.

In recent weeks, curbside pickup has been an increasingly popular checkout option for retailers across the country. Though not a new fulfillment method, many retailers are facing challenges integrating curbside pickup, especially with limited staff and a surge of online orders. Celerant’s new curbside pickup technology solves that problem; it allows retailers to organize and streamline the curbside pickup process of online orders, and cuts down on long delivery times.

How Celerant’s new curbside pickup application works
Celerant’s Curbside Pickup Web Application integrates with Celerant’s eCommerce solutions- Cumulus eCommerce™, an affordable and powerful website for small business; and Stratus eCommerce™, a comprehensive platform with high-end capabilities. After a local customer places an order online, they can select ‘curbside pickup’ and enter their mobile phone number at checkout. When their order is ready for pickup, the customer receives a text message with the designated place of pickup (store’s curb, parking lot, etc.). When the customer arrives, they click a link within the text message to inform the store they arrived. At that time, the store’s associate immediately receives an alert on the web application, accessible on their mobile phone or tablet, and can then meet their customer outside to deliver the package, contactless.

“The impact of COVID-19 hit retailers quickly, and as such, most retailers were not prepared,” said Ian Goldman, CEO and President of Celerant Technology. “At Celerant, we quickly shifted resources and are creating technology that we see our retail clients need now. Our new curbside pickup application will benefit retailers immediately, and also in the long-term, beyond Coronavirus, as consumer delivery needs are changing.”
– Ian Goldman, Presient and CEO, Celerant Technology

COVID-19 resources for retailers
Celerant has created a Covid-19 resource page for retailers, including blogs, a recorded webinar and partner resources, and more, to help retailers adapt to these challenging times-

If you are interested in Celerant’s curbside pickup application for your store(s), please contact us.
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