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E-Commerce Success Achieved With Celerant

E-Commerce Success Achieved With Celerant

Letter To The Editor - Shooting Industry, Jan 2018 Issue

Garys Gun Shop eCommerce Website


We operate a two-store chain, and we have one website displaying inventory of both locations in real time. A couple of years ago, I was looking for a do-all company that could provide a variety of services,
such as point-of-sale software and an integrated e-commerce website — rather than working with several companies, as we had done previously.

After shopping long and hard, we found Celerant and they Fit the bill perfectly: They run our POS software, and they have experience with multistore channels (like transferring items between stores) and running a multi-store e-commerce website. They’ve integrated the point-of-sale and web components to our business in real time, which has made a big difference for our salesmen and customers.

It’s really helpful for hard-to-get firearms, especially if you can only get one at a time. For something like a Kel-Tec PMR, by the time it’s unboxed here in the shop there will be a customer ready to buy it almost immediately — meaning the system will have to remove the listing from the website in real time, which it’s able to do.

We’re also connected to Sports South through our website with Celerant, and we’re able to drop ship and display products only they carry— so we’re able to display 5,000 new firearms on our website as a result.

I wanted to name-drop a couple Celerant employees who made this really easy for us. Stacy in web development has absolutely been critical in making things happen. Between our store and Sports South, we’ll be displaying 50,000 unique items on our website — and she has been instrumental in getting it all put together. Andre, who was our implementation manager, was caring and always listened to us. They were both great to work with.

Gary’s Gun Shop –
Sioux Falls, S.D.

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