One System Manages Retail Store & Pop Ups As Business Grows


“Everything you can think of that has to do with the business, Celerant can meet that. So if you are 50 stores or one little grandma-grandpa store Celerant..can be relevant to you.”
– Dorrell McLaren, Retail Manager, LivingWell ABC

One Store, Small Business, Flexibility to Grow

Looking for a retail system that can grow with your small business? Livingwell ABC, retailer of vegetarian and vegan items, with one retail store location partnered with Celerant so they can run their entire business from one retail platform. Point of Sale, day to day and advanced item level reporting, accounting, purchasing and off site events (pop-up stores) are all managed on Celerant’s POS system. The system, according to Dorrell McLaren, is compatible with anything you need to manage your business as you grow.

Livingwell needs to know how their business is doing in real time- day to day, hour by hour, so they appreciate the fact that they can easily get on-demand product reports to quickly access inventory levels and determine product turnover rates. Several times a year they have off site events where they setup pop-up stores so people can buy the same products sold in their brick-and-mortar store. Setting up their POS on a tablet or mobile device makes it easy to travel and ring sales on the road. And having these pop-up store sales reconcile with their retail store and inventory reports saves them time. Being able to manage purchase orders and integrate with QuickBooks, their accounting software, makes them even more efficient. Livingwell prides itself on customer service so having access to Celerant’s customer support to resolve issues quickly is very important to their business model and customer relationships. 

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