One system to manage your entire retail business

Running a retail business successfully requires a certain level of mastery when it comes to logistics. There are a lot of things to keep track of, and even when utilizing delegation effectively there is still much to manage. Selecting a retail software solution which is capable of managing your entire business offers multiple benefits, each supporting a streamlined, simpler way to do things that can help relieve some of that burden.

Efficient Data Entry

Many retailers today operate on multiple fronts. There's the physical storefront, eCommerce websiteNew WindowGeneral store point of sale (pos) & ecommerce retail softwareNew WindowNew WindowNew Window, and any online marketplacesNew WindowGeneral store point of sale (pos) & ecommerce retail softwareNew WindowNew WindowNew Window where you might be operating such as Amazon or Ebay. If you have to enter data into multiple locations, you increase the chances of making a mistake. You might forget to enter a product, enter the price point incorrectly, or make mistakes with the product description. Any of these mistakes can cost you sales, and hurt your reputation as a business. Your business reputation is everything, and your sales are how you survive. By using one systemNew WindowNew WindowNew WindowNew Window as your retail management solution to manage these different aspects of your business, you only have to enter the product data once, saving you time and eliminating double, or triple data entry. Getting something right one time is easier and more efficient than having to enter the same information repeatedly or having to go back in later and correct any mistakes you've made.

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Tighter Inventory Control 

Managing inventory effectively is an essential part of any retail business. However, when you’re doing business across multiple platforms and multiple retail systems, inventory can become a nightmare. Utilizing a single centralized system for all the platforms you sell on allows you to gain tighter control of your inventory.

With all of your inventory managed centrally you can also begin to take advantage of more advanced automation such as vendor catalog importsNew WindowNew Window and automated purchasing based on min/max thresholdsNew WindowNew Window. Additionally, with your data consolidated in one place advanced reporting, such as gross margin ROI and sell-through analysis becomes simple; allowing you to make better purchasing decisionsNew WindowNew Window.

Simplified Support

Dealing with vendors is a necessary part of many businesses, albeit sometimes one that causes headaches. This is especially the case if you have multiple vendors you need to talk to about one problem. Using just one retail software solution to manage your business means you only have one vendor to contact for support, instead of a vendor for each of the different systems you might be using to manage different portions of your business. This simplifies matters if you need support for your system or if you have any questions.

Additionally, it's important to upgrade your system periodically to ensure that it is running at peak efficiency and that your system stays up to date. This is important for security purposes as well. If you only have one retail management solution in your business, upgrading hardware or software is a far simpler process that should be able to be handled by the company supporting it. This is far simpler and easier than it would be if you had to then integrate an upgrade into multiple other systems, potentially resulting in the need to upgrade those as well. This has the added benefit of potentially reducing business costs, since it should require less work to complete.

Streamlining Marketing and Promotions

Have you ever had customers complain about finding a great deal online but then not being able to use it in person? This can be one of the disadvantages of using multiple systems to manage your business. Sometimes one system won't be able to process marketing promotions offered through another system. This isn't a problem if you use one system to manage all of your storefronts. Of course, sometimes you may want to offer platform-specific promotions, but in general, customers want convenience and want to be able to use marketing offers and promotions through whatever storefront is most convenient to them. They will appreciate being able to access and take advantage of promotions or rewards both online and in person.

As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate. If you find ways to simplify and streamline operations, it's worth considering taking advantage of them. Using one system to manage your business allows you to enter data more efficiently, simplifies support needs, makes it easier to make intelligent decisions for your business, and helps you streamline your marketing and promotions. Because of how much good it can do for your business, finding one system that can help you manage your business is a good move worth making.


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