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Celerant Technology seamlessly integrates with Amazon Today, the fastest-growing and preferred acquisition channel for over half our multichannel sellers. Easily showcase and sell your in-store inventory on, and track sales from all retail channels in one place- in near real-time.

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Celerant eCommerce integrates with Amazon Today

Celerant + Amazon Today

Through Celerant’s point of sale retail software, you can showcase your in-store inventory on and meet customers’ rapidly growing demands for convenience through same-day orders. After an order is placed on, the order flows back into Celerant’s back office software, allowing you to manage all orders from all channels in a single place. Not only do you get instant access to Amazon’s tremendous market reach, you can leverage Amazon’s Pricing Intelligence to adjust pricing and be more competitive.


One System For Your Retail Business

Celerant offers an all-in-one retail solution that allows you to manage every aspect of your retail channels in a single place, including mobile point of sale, eCommerce, mobile shopping apps and integrations to online marketplaces, such as Through the retail software, you can manage loyalty rewards, promotions, inventory, purchase orders, fulfillment, curbside pickup, customer data, customer memberships with recurring billing and ID cards, and much more. Celerant also offers email marketing that pulls customer and sales data so you can send personalized email campaigns based on your customer’ past purchases and brand preferences, along with SEO services for your eCommerce website.

“Amazon has taken a big market-share. We built a 2-way integration with Amazon, so you can easily post products on the marketplace, and the incoming orders come in as if they are coming in from your own site. Thanks to this integration, our retailers have seen some dramatic results. Amazon has become a significant channel for many of our retailers.”

- Zeke Hamdani, Director of Web Services, Celerant

“Amazon’s latest retail innovation helps brands meet customers’ rapidly growing demands for convenience through Same-Day Delivery and in-store pickup—in their own packaging, right from their retail locations, in just a few hours. Amazon Today’s partnership with Celerant is instrumental in enhancing our brands’ onboarding experience in the fastest way possible.”

- Surindar Chopra, Partnership and Presales leader, Amazon Today

Leading Point of Sale & eCommerce Software

  • Mobile Point of Sale
  • Distributor Integrations
  • Catalog Imports
  • Purchase Orders
  • Memberships w/ Recurring Billing
  • Integrated eCommerce
  • Mobile Shopping Apps
  • Marketplace Integrations
  • In-Store Pickup
  • Drop Shipping
  • Rental & Repairs
  • Email Marketing & SEO Services

About Amazon Today

Partner with Amazon Today to showcase your in-store inventory on and meet customers’ rapidly growing demands for convenience through same-day orders. Amazon Today complements your e-commerce and brick and mortar efforts. It’s an opportunity for retailers to create additional growth channels and introduce new incremental revenue streams.

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