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Celerant Technology’s retail software integrates with Big Rock Sports, a premier distributor of firearms, hunting, fishing and camping products, enabling outdoor and hunting dealers to provide more products and be more competitive in store and online.

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Big Rock Sports Integrates with Celerants retail software

How The Integrations Works

  • Access Big Rock’s catalog directly from Celerant’s point of sale
  • Import the products you want to sell- No manual entry
  • Maintain current product data (name, description, UPC, MSRP)
  • Sync data with Celerant’s integrated A&D book for compliance
  • Automatically reorder inventory when stock levels are low
  • Display Big Rock’s inventory data feeds via Celerant eCommerce
  • Offer more products in-store with data feeds & Celerant’s kiosks

“Celerant has supported the outdoor sporting industry for years. By integrating with Big Rock, we can now support their dealers with an innovative and compliant retail solution for their store, online business and range. Our goal is to help them grow and manage their entire business for efficiently, while maintaining compliance.”

- Ian Goldman, CEO & President, Celerant Technology

"We are excited to partner with Celerant, and provide our dealers with a complete retail software. Through the integration, our dealers can import our products, reorder, and display our merchandise in their stores and website. For our FFL dealers, Celerant’s integrated A&D book and e4473 will make it easier to maintain compliance as well.”

- Shannon Adams, VP of Information Technology, Big Rock Sports

About Big Rock Sports

The history of Big Rock Sports goes back more than 60 years to the founding of All-Sports Supply in Portland, OR. At that time, sporting goods was a much more personal business, and distributors knew the names of their retailers as well as their families.

Over the years, distribution companies—sporting goods and otherwise—became less concerned with relationships and more focused on the bottom line. However, Big Rock Sports still embraces the ideals of everyone who laid the groundwork for our company. We take pride in the relationships we build with our customers. And we don’t just know their names; we know their specific needs and concerns and the best ways to help them thrive. For more information, visit

Big Rock Sports Building

Manage your gun store, website & range

  • Mobile point of sale
  • A&D Book & e4473
  • Distributor integrations & automated reordering
  • Memberships & loyalty rewards
  • Integrated eCommerce
  • Fulfillment & drop shipping
  • Firearm classes & courses
  • Range management & Smartwaiver
  • Marketplaces (GunBroker,,, Weapon Depot, Amazon)

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