United Sporting Companies: Firearms Distributor

Import product catalogs and automate purchase orders

Celerant’s complete commerce solutions integrate with United Sporting Companies. Through this integration, firearm retailers can import USC’s product catalogs, automate purchase orders based on min/max, display USC’s available inventory on their eCommerce websites and allow drop shipping.
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Manage your gun store, range and eCommerce in a single, affordable SaaS retail system

Celerant’s complete commerce solutions are cloud-based, mobile SaaS solutions for your firearms business with low monthly maintenance and little-to-no initial investment. Our POS has real-time integration with its eCommerce solution, allowing pricing, promotions and inventory to be consistent in store and online. Our scalable solutions include serial number tracking, A&D for firearm sales, range management and membership management with photo ID card printing. Our solutions allow FFL dealers to import product catalogs and automate purchase orders from all the United Sporting Co. brands: Ellett Brothers, Jerry’s Sport Center and USC’s newest addition, AcuSport.

“Our goal is to bring innovation to the firearms space and help dealers operate their businesses more efficiently through technology. Our partnership with United Sporting Companies enables us to streamline the ordering process for the dealers and simplify their processes. We partnered with AcuSport a few years ago and automated the replenishment process for over 50 dealers and were on track for many more to come. We are pleased to have the opportunity to continue to support these dealers, as well as bring this innovation to the Ellet Brothers and Jerry’s Sport Center buyers.”

- Ian Goldman, CEO & President, Celerant Technology

“United Sporting Companies is committed to providing continued support to existing CLX Dealers as well as offering the opportunity of becoming a CLX Dealer to many others as this is an advanced and dynamic platform that will continue to move our industry forward. We are excited to partner with Celerant in this process because we know our Dealers will benefit from the convenience of CLX to seamlessly replenish their stock and allow them more time to service their customers.”

- Brad Johnson, CEO and Chairman of United Sporting Companies

POS, Range and eCommerce Features

  • Mobile POS with EMV
  • Electronic A&D reporting
  • Inventory management
  • ATF Compliance backed by FFLGuard
  • Range management
  • Pre-sell memberships and membership management
  • Club ID card printing with photo
  • Integrated with Cumulus eCommerce (No upfront fees)
  • Pull USC’s available products, descriptions & images
  • Modify vendor-supplied data to customize your site
  • Categorize products however you choose
  • Unique website layout with mobile-friendly design
  • Cross-channel pricing, promotion and gift cards
  • Online orders with in store pickup/returns
  • Sell your own products and/or drop ship with vendors
  • Online range lane reservations
  • Marketplace integrations (Amazon, eBay, Walmart)

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