Celerant’s Point of Sale and Digital A&D Book Now Supports Manufacturing for Type 07 FFL Dealers

Celerant’s Point of Sale and Digital A&D Supports Type 07 FFL Dealers

Celerant continues enhancing retail software to support the needs and ATF compliance required by the different types of firearm dealers

Staten Island, NY (April 13, 2023)Celerant Technology, the #1 provider of retail software for the firearm’s industry, announced today a new manufacturing module for Type 07 FFL dealers. This module allows dealers to manufacture, assemble and customize firearms, and track the completed products within Celerant’s built-in digital A&D or integration with FastBound, a leading FFL software for the firearm’s industry.

“With so many dealers customizing guns, manufacturing ammo and other items, we felt it was vital to expand our software to help facilitate their compliance. At Celerant, we listen to our dealers, and enhance our software based on their recommendations and requests. Our dealers help shape the development roadmap for our software, and that’s how our software became so comprehensive over the many years we have served the firearms industry.”

Ian Goldman, CEO and President, Celerant

Ian Goldman Celerant Technology

Streamline Manufactured Items with Templates
To create manufactured items, dealers must select ‘Type 7’ as their FFL Type within Celerant’s back office software. Dealers can use the manufacturing template to quickly create items manufactured on a regular basis, where the parts of the finished products are always the same. The manufacturing template allows dealers to add every part needed to complete the finished product, such as barrels and receivers, indicate the quantity needed per item, including comments, and a serial number of the finished product if required.

Create Manufactured Products
When it is time to manufacture a product, dealers can create a ticket using a manufacturing template or create a product on-the-fly. The manufacturing ticket tracks the entire process of creating that product, including the store location where the item will be created, the expected due date, the price, if the finished product requires a serial number, and more. Dealers can also view the status of all their manufacturing tickets, and create a print out of any individual ticket.

Once a ticket is complete, the finished product is automatically added to inventory, and the on-hand quantities for the individual parts are automatically reduced. The system will then sync the new product to the Celerant’s internal A&D book to ensure the dealer accounts for acquisition and disposition requirements.

Celerant Provides Dealers with Compliance Options
Celerant offers two retail solutions– Cumulus Retail™, a cost-effective, SaaS solution for smaller dealers; and Stratus Enterprise™, a comprehensive solution with advanced functionality. Both solutions include an internal bound book to help dealers streamline compliance. In addition, Celerant provides integration to 3rd-party A&D software, letting dealers choose how they want to operate their business. Celerant’s new manufacturing module is now supported by its integration with FastBound’s A&D book.

“As a partner of Celerant, we are excited about the new manufacturing feature allowing Type 07 FFLs to streamline their business and maintain compliance with FastBound. With the seamless integration between FastBound and Celerant, we look forward to providing our customers with a comprehensive solution to enhance their operations.”

Jamison Collins, Vice President of Sales, FastBound

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To learn more about Celerant’s point of sale, A&D, eCommerce and everything else Celerant develops for the firearms industry, please visit www.celerant.com/firearms.

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