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Learn how Eastern Nebraska saved time and improved overall customer experience

“We wanted [a POS system] that would not be static and continue to grow and evolve just as we would…Before everything was manual and now we’re able to scan things in, we’re able to print the tags that we need and the staff finds it easy to operate…It has just allowed us to have a better customer experience when they come in. They’re not waiting, things happen immediately when we pull them up…it has just made it a better experience overall”
– Kirk Anderson, President, Eastern Nebraska


Eastern Nebraska, a small retail gun shop and indoor range, wanted a POS system with range management that could handle expansion and evolve as they grow. With Stratus Retail, a once manual process has become a quick & easy-to-track process, leading to a better overall customer experience.

Manage Your Range Easily and Efficiently

  • Create and manage courses- Schedule firearm courses and allocate the necessary resources for each class.
  • Provide online scheduling- Allow your customers to view open lanes and create reservations.
  • Offer range membership- Build loyalty with multi-level memberships and automatic billing.


Learn how Celerant’s software can help expand your firearms & range business!

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