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How Much Does POS Software Cost?Point Of Sale Software Cost

What is the price of POS (Point of Sale) Software? The short answer is, the base price of Celerant’s POS software is $125 per month. This price includes software for 1 POS terminal, 5 back office users and a number of the most popular features including Inventory, fulfilment, purchasing & vendor management, reporting and unlimited customer support. For additional information you can contact us or download a copy of our licensing guide.
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How Much Does POS Software Cost (The Real Answer)

The reality is, while $125 per month is the base price for our Cumulus Retail POS system, there are a variety of factors that can affect the cost of purchasing and implementing any point of sale system and Celerant’s software is no exception to that. We recommend reaching out to one of our retail experts to discuss your business in more detail and walk you through what additional features may, or may not, be right for your business.
That said, we understand not everyone is ready to talk to someone in sales, or sure they’re ready to buy any point of sale software let alone narrowed it down to a specific vendor. That is why we are sharing all of the basic licensing information up front. Below you’ll find a list of the most common add-ons and factors which affect the cost of our point of sale systems.

Number of Stores and POS Terminals

It likely comes as no surprise that one of the biggest factors in the cost of a retail POS system is the number of terminals/registers your business requires and if you have multiple stores. The prices will vary based on the volume of store locations and POS terminals required in each. However, as an example adding 2 additional POS terminals to your existing store will bring the $125 base cost of your POS system up to $199 per month.

eCommerce Website

In addition to offering complete in store POS solutions, Celerant has also developed an integrated eCommerce website platform called Cumulus eCommerce. Cumulus eCommerce is available with no up-front fees and provides easy-to-use drag and drop tools so that you can make changes and add pages as your business requires. Because both our point of sale and eCommerce platforms were developed by Celerant you can manage your store and website as one, features such as cross-channel products, pricing and promotions just ‘work’ out of the box. The base price of Cumulus eCommerce, when purchased together with our POS software is $225 per month.

Partner Integrations

Celerant has partnered with nearly 100 industry leading marketplace, vendor, software and hardware companies. These partners provide our clients the ability to extend the functionality of their software, but sometimes impact the cost of a POS system. Some of our most popular integrations include:

  • Marketplace Integrations– Sell your products on leading marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay and Wal-Mart while managing all your inventory in the same back office software running your store and website
  • Vendor Integrations– Our growing list of vendor integrations allow retailers to import items directly from their catalogs, automate purchase orders, and enable them to take advantage of vendor drop shipping using their eCommerce website or in store kiosks
  • Software Integrations– Celerant has integrated it’s software with a number of 3rd party software companies to enable enhanced functionality. These enhancement could include everything from advanced analytics, automatic tax calculations, standalone accounting platforms and much, much more.



We mentioned already that our software starts at $125 per month, this is for our Cumulus Retail product which is designed to be an affordable yet powerful ‘out of the box’ solution with certain industry specific functions and features available. However, for larger and highly specialized retailers we offer Stratus Enterprise. Stratus is designed to handle the needs of large, often multi-store, retailers who require a system which conforms to their well-established business processes. You can view some of the included functionality of Stratus Enterprise by clicking here, but for pricing you’ll need to contact one of our sales consultants to discuss the specific needs of your enterprise business system to get a cost for your custom POS system.


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