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Tame The Inventory Beast By Going Mobile Tame The Inventory Beast By Going Mobile by Ian Goldman, CEO of Celerant Technology | October 18 2016 The holiday shopping season is chaotic for most retailers; It’s the “Super Bowl of retail.” Just as mobile devices have changed the game for consumers by offering instant research and conversion using m-commerce, the mobile revolution helps retailers get through inventory season. Read More
Tame The Inventory Beast By Going Mobile Still Not EMV Compliant? Consumers Notice. by Celerant Team | October 17 2016 If you are still not EMV compliant, you’re not alone. So why haven’t more retailers converted? More importantly, what do consumers think when they are asked to swipe their chip cards? Read More
Tame The Inventory Beast By Going Mobile Being Like Amazon Isn't As Hard As You Think by Celerant Team | September 21 2016 Retailers of any size can boost sales by providing products to consumers when and where they need it, just as Amazon is doing for football tailgaters at Levi’s Stadium on San Francisco 49ers game days. Read More
Tame The Inventory Beast By Going Mobile E-Commerce Product Reviews: Customer Opinions Impact Sales by Celerant Team | September 05 2016 Read More
Tame The Inventory Beast By Going Mobile The World Is Your Oyster -- Are You Reaching It? by Celerant Team | August 17 2016 Read More
Tame The Inventory Beast By Going Mobile 150 Chances to Own the 2016 Holidays by Celerant Team | July 27 2016 With only 150 shopping days remaining until Christmas, the time to prepare for the 2016 holiday rush is now.  Ensuring a successful season requires proper preparation for the busiest shopping time of the year as the holidays approach.  Each year presents new opportunities and challenges to retailers. Here are some tips to make sure you are able to meet the market demands over the coming months. Read More
Tame The Inventory Beast By Going Mobile Client Conference Celerant Client Conference by Celerant Team | July 12 2016 Product workshop sessions educated retailers on how to become power users and what updates and new launches are around the corner for Celerant Command, Stratus and CAM RetailSTAR 10.1. Whether POS management, e-commerce website integration, SEO/SEM best practices, warehouse management, inventory fulfilment, or POS security integration were top of mind, there was a breakout session to answer any question and share experiences. Read More
Tame The Inventory Beast By Going Mobile E-commerce It's Time For Back To School Already? You Bet! by Celerant Team | July 07 2016 Just about everybody remembers feeling that way when seeing the first back to school advertisement when hoping the summer would last forever. If it seems like back to school sales keep getting bigger and starting earlier, they do. Read More
Tame The Inventory Beast By Going Mobile Keep Them Coming Back: Using Customer Relationship Management to Build a Loyalty Program by Jason Kennedy | August 24 2015 Fortunately, many retail software platforms on the market today offer a CRM system that is completely integrated with the point-of-sale and allows the retailer to keep up with customer information and purchasing habits. Read More
Make Your Website Comfortably Fit On Almost Any Screen, With Responsive Design Make Your Website Comfortably Fit On Almost Any Screen, With Responsive Design by Celerant Web Team | June 10 2015 In an effort to shift with the increased mobile demand – and the myriad devices that come with that demand – web developers have begun using a new approach to building a website: Responsive Design.  Read More
Turn Each Store Location Into Its Own Warehouse, With Best Store Fulfillment by Celerant Technology | March 26 2015 Start fulfilling from your most efficent location today with Best Store Fulfillment from Celerant Technology. Read More
EMV Is Coming In October...Are You Ready? by Celerant Technology | February 26 2015 Retailers need to begin preparing now for the October 2015 EMV deadline. Read More
Will the De-merger of PayPal and eBay Impact You and Your Business? by Celerant Technology | January 27 2015 Decoupling of two powerhouse names in E-Commerce could open new options for retailers using eBay as a revenue stream. Read More
Choosing the Best Social (Media) Circles by Celerant Technology | July 22 2014 Celerant explores the breakdown between social media platforms and discusses which succeed and which may be lagging behind. Read More
On its 10th Anniversary, IRCE Celebrates the Continued Growth of E-Commerce by Celerant Technology | May 21 2014 Celerant showcases its rich E-Commerce platform at at the worlds biggest E-Commerce show, IRCE 2013. Read More
Tax Tips from the Pros by Celerant Technology | April 15 2014 Let Avalara and Celerant technology give you some tax tips from the pros. Read More
My Winter Hat: The Psychological Underpinnings of an Omni-Channel Transaction by Celerant Technology | February 27 2014 Read More
NRF 2014: The Biggest Show by Celerant Technology | January 31 2014 Celerant Technology debuts its latest retail software offering - Stratus Retail at the NRF Big Show 2014. Read More
Showing off at SHOT Show by Celerant Technology | January 13 2014 Celerant shows off Command Retail and its newest sofware offering Stratus Retail to the FFL Dealers at the SHOT Show 2014. Read More
Lessons from the Holiday Shopping Marathon by Celerant Technology | December 17 2013 Celerant Technology to demo its omin-channel retail software solution at NRF 2014. Read More

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