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Retail Touchpoints EMV, Fulfillment Among Major Topics At Celerant Client Conference by Glenn Taylor | May 08 2015 To educate these SMB retail clients on relevant industry topics and update them on the current retail management platforms, Celerant Technology held its 11th Annual Client Conference on April 22 to 24, 2015, in New York City. Recurring topics discussed throughout the event included the shift to EMV-enabled cards, store fulfillment, inventory management and mobile POS. Read More
Apparel Magazine 2015 Top Innovators by Jordan K. Speer, Jessica Binns and Deena M. Amato-McCoy | April 29 2015 With digital technologies occupying increasing space in our minds and lives, it’s no surprise that many of this year’s award winners took honors for innovations in the areas of marketing and merchandising, or that a number aligned themselves with another big trend that is making waves as technology makes more things possible: mass one-to-one customization.  Read More
RIS News In The Digital Shopping Universe, Humanity Closes the Cart by Ian Goldman | April 27 2015 Implementing a personal touch that helps customers through the checkout process and makes proactive recovery attempts when abandonment occurs will help reduce the volume of virtual cart abandonment. Read More
Retail Online Integration What's Old is New Again: The Rebirth of Brick-and-Mortar by Ian Goldman | April 24 2015 Life often does imitate art, and the world of retail is currently finding itself in its greatest irony in decades: the rise of brick-and-mortar in the omnichannel universe. Read More
Multichannel Merchant Keeping Holiday Promotions Alive During the Summer by Murtaza "Zeke" Hamdani | April 22 2015 Using the very same, though muted, strategy that has propelled Black Friday to arguably preposterous heights, other holidays throughout the year can be promoted to boost sales and cultivate loyalty throughout the year. Read More
Retail Touchpoints Leading The Charge: How To Stay Relevant In The Evolving Digital World by Ian Goldman | April 13 2015 Retailers don’t need to be told that they exist in an ultra fast-paced, quickly evolving, and insanely competitive space. There is no time to be complacent and those who aren’t leading are probably lagging. Read More
Your Online Store - Where 80% of Customers with Goods Don't Checkout Point of Sale News Your Online Store - Where 80% of Customers with Goods Don't Checkout by Murtaza "Zeke" Hamdani | March 19 2015 How much does it cost your business to earn a new customer? How much does it cost to retain an existing one? If you’re like a lot of retailers, you don’t know the exact price tag of either, but you do know that it is generally much less expensive to keep an existing customer than attract a new one.   Read More
Google Mobile Search Rankings Change On April 21st – Is Your Website Mobile Ready? Google Google Mobile Search Rankings Change On April 21st – Is Your Website Mobile Ready? by Celerant Technology | March 16 2015 Google recently announced an upcoming change to their search algorithm and how Google Search works with mobile devices. Beginning April 21st, search results on a mobile device will be prioritized for websites that have a mobile-friendly version. Read More
EMV, Fulfillment Among Major Topics At Celerant Client Conference Point of Sale News Retailer Chinese Laundry Moves to Omni Channel with Minimal Disruption by | March 05 2015

Businesses today are challenged to reach customers across a variety of platforms, including mobile devices, websites, and brick-and-mortar locations. With the added value retailers get from sites like Amazon and eBay, it’s more important than ever to find a way to manage it all. From 2013 to 2014, the number of people making purchases by smartphone increased from 59 percent to 71 percent, creating urgency for retailers to meet the demand for mobile e-commerce. Read More

Upselling Done Right Boosts Sales and Satisfaction Multichannel Merchant Upselling Done Right Boosts Sales and Satisfaction by Murtaza "Zeke" Hamdani | March 02 2015 All else being equal, retailers that maximize the value of existing customers fare better than those who don’t. The chase to increase this value fuels a variety of strategies, from promotional pricing to the placement of “impulse buy” items near checkout counters. Read More
Returns Processing is a Vital Part of a Successful Omnichannel Strategy Multichannel Merchant Returns Processing is a Vital Part of a Successful Omnichannel Strategy by Murtaza "Zeke" Hamdani | February 19 2015 Much has been written about omnichannel strategy from the perspective of driving engagement and conversions. However returns processing is one aspect of the shopping journey that is an extremely important part of the customer experience yet is often glossed over. Read More
Celerant Technology Celerant Conversion Center Offers Cart Abandonment Recovery And Live Cart Tracking by Celerant Technology | February 19 2015 Celerant Technology has unveiled the Conversion Center module for e-Commerce merchants, allowing retailers to respond to potential shopping cart abandonment in real time. The Conversion Center provides visibility into shopping carts, allowing retailers to convert customer orders and provide shipping options.   Read More
EMV, Fulfillment Among Major Topics At Celerant Client Conference Retail Touchpoints Schuylkill Valley Sports Streamlines The POS With Celerant by Alicia Fiorletta | February 19 2015 Retailers that operate brick-and-mortar stores and e-Commerce sites are striving to capture a single view of sales and inventory. For Schuylkill Valley Sports, implementing a web-based and device independent POS solution has helped the sporting goods retailer make moves into mobile and capture a more comprehensive view of sales and inventory. Read More
EMV, Fulfillment Among Major Topics At Celerant Client Conference Integrated Solutions For Retailers Retail Management Integration Drives Customer Experience Success by Erin Harris | February 05 2015 National Roper’s Supply (NRS), formerly known as David’s Western Store, is a multichannel Western lifestyle retailer, offering everything from team roping supplies to apparel, boots, hats, and furniture. Now in its 25th year of business, NRS has grown exponentially since it first opened its doors. The retailer operates three brick-and-mortar locations, an e-commerce site, as well as a thriving catalog channel. Kerrie Thornton, purchasing manager at NRS, explains how integrating a realtime retail management system gave the company cross-channel visibility it needed to grow the business.   Read More
EMV, Fulfillment Among Major Topics At Celerant Client Conference Apparel Small Brands Go Big with E-commerce by Jessica Binns | February 05 2015 One of fashion’s most experienced professionals, Jeffrey Kalinsky has built a devoted following of customers fiercely loyal to his pair of boutiques, Jeffrey Atlanta (established in 1996) and Jeffrey New York, which brought fashion retail to the Meatpacking District when it opened in 1999 offering a carefully considered mix of established luxury labels such as Givenchy and Yves St. Laurent alongside edgy, up-and-coming designers such as Undercover and J. W. Anderson.   Read More
Multichannel Merchant Automating the Web of Shipping Options by Ian Goldman | February 05 2015 According to a survey conducted by Shopper Approved among 25,660 customers, there’s essentially a 3-way tie in the key factor shoppers cited to explain why they buy online instead of locally. The winning reasons are larger selection (25.4%), better pricing (25%), and convenience (24.7%). But if you add the people driven by pricing and convenience together, it comes to 49.7% of all respondents.   Read More
EMV, Fulfillment Among Major Topics At Celerant Client Conference Card Not Trends From NRF: Omni-Challenges & Omni-Opportunities by Karisse Hendrick | February 05 2015 "Omnichannel" is a term that gets thrown around quite a bit—especially at this week's National Retail Federation (NRF) Big Show in New York City. Omnichannel seemed omnipresent on the NRF's two massive expo floors with vendor after vendor seeking to provide retailers with the technology that will enable a modern customer experience. But, omnichannel means more than just accepting orders in your physical store, online, through your call center or via a mobile device. Luckily, it emerged as a theme in several sessions, as well, with experts to guide omnichannel neophytes looking to be educated on what it all means. Read More
Integrated Software Satisfies Consumers' Demand for Omnichannel Consistency Retail Online Integration Integrated Software Satisfies Consumers' Demand for Omnichannel Consistency by Murtaza "Zeke" Hamdani | February 05 2015 Diversity is drilled into our heads from an early age. Diverse investment portfolios minimize risk, diverse workforces boost idea generation, and diversity in your diet is healthier. In most situations, diversity is the way to go. Retail management software is a powerful exception to that rule.    Read More
EMV, Fulfillment Among Major Topics At Celerant Client Conference National Retail Federation Inventory Management Helps Chinese Laundry Put Its Best Foot Forward by D. Gail Fleenor | December 29 2014 As new e-commerce options continue to pop up, retailers must scramble to integrate the latest innovation. For small and mid-sized merchants, however, this can mean piecing together existing systems — an option that does not work efficiently or indefinitely.   Read More
EMV, Fulfillment Among Major Topics At Celerant Client Conference Celerant Technology Chinese Laundry's Path To Omni-Channel Commerce by Celerant Technology | December 18 2014 As trendy women's footwear goes, Chinese Laundry is a brand at the top of its game. What began as a wholesale footwear manufacturing company in 1971 has blossomed into a hot, fast-growing and high-fashion footwear banner, its growth fueled by five west coast brick-and-mortar boutiques and a global e-commerce banner. The company still manufactures and sells its shoes through a host of department stores like Nordstrom, high-end boutiques across the country, and partnership with online upstarts including Zappos, Amazon, and Chinese Laundry's partnership with shoe designer and actress Kristin Cavallari has helped propel the company's growth, as has its being named the official shoe of the Miss Universe pageant. But Scott Cohn, VP of e-commerce at the company, says Chinese Laundry's direct sales efforts via its flagship banner and spinoff brands - including Dirty Laundry, Wash, and Little Laundry - are what's driving the most vigorous growth there. Key to that growth, he says, is the company's Celerant-powered, singular commerce platform.
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