Celerant Delivers Elite Customer Satisfaction

Recognized as a Top Retail System by RIS News Software LeaderBoard

Of all the software providers featured in the RIS Software LeaderBoard over a 10-plus year span the one company that draws the most inquiries for its standout performance is Celerant. Many people in the retail industry simply want to know how Celerant can pull off such high rankings in head-to-head competition against the leading technology companies in the world and do it year-after-year?

It’s a good question to ask and a big part of the answer is Celerant’s laser-like focus on customer-centricity or to put it another way — retailer-centricity. Celerant is a star performer in delivering Customer Satisfaction, the defining metric in the Software LeaderBoard, and has been a star for some time. This is backed up by appearances on 15 of the 2016 LeaderBoard’s 51 top-10 lists.

While Celerant has participated in the LeaderBoard for more than 10 years it has achieved an elite level of success in the last five years for being consistently ranked in the top-10 on the most important chart in the survey — the Top 20 LeaderBoard list.

The Top 20 LeaderBoard list is unique because it is the only top- 20 list in the report and the only one that uses the full set of data collected during the LeaderBoard research process without any filtering or sorting. The data sources in the list include: Customer Satisfaction (which is based on evaluations by retailers aggregated by an independent research firm), Retail Concentration (a score based on the number of modules in a vendor’s retail solution suite) and Revenue Factor (which refers to points awarded for revenue plateaus reached in the retail vertical).

In the last three years, Celerant has appeared in the top-5 quadrant of the Top 20 list. This year Celerant is ranked #5 out of all 45 vendors researched and evaluated in the LeaderBoard process, which is a stellar accomplishment by any measure.



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