Celerant Technology Debuts New eForm 4473 and Smartwaiver Integrations, ID Card Printing and Digital Marketing Services

New services and functionality from Celerant Technology developed specifically for firearms dealers to boost sales, reduce liability and improve the customer experience

Las Vegas, Nevada (January 17, 2017) – Innovative retail technology solution provider Celerant Technology unveiled new software and service offerings at the The National Shooting Sports Foundation’s SHOT Show. These new offerings were developed to complement Celerant’s retail software and E-Commerce platform- helping firearm merchants increase revenue and ease compliance with federal, state and local regulations.

In addition to Celerant’s Electronic A&D and compliance management software, its new partnerships with iTouch and Smartwaiver now bring electronic 4473 and digital waiver management to its clients. These technologies digitize forms that are required by law, reducing mistakes and enabling simple search and retrieval of any document on demand. Through our integration with iTouch e4473, firearm dealers can search and retrieval of any document on demand, and process background checks in a matter of minutes. Smartwaiver allows firearm dealers to create custom waivers and enable customers to sign digital waivers, tracking the waiver within the client record within Celerant.

Membership ID card printing is now integrated into Celerant Command and Stratus Retail management platforms. This allows retailers to easily take a photograph using a web camera, print on PVC cards and create an ID card within minutes, and couple IDs directly with customer purchases and service records. ID cards enhance the customer experience by streamlining activities like reward clubs, firing range reservations and class scheduling.

Powerful new marketing email automation functionality from Celerant integrates seamlessly into its retail management platform, giving firearm dealers unprecedented ability to segment customer bases and launch highly personalized, relevant email marketing campaigns. By tapping directly into Celerant’s omnichannel retail platform, every consumer action (i.e., pageviews, cart abandonment, new order shipment and arrival, product reviews) can be used to trigger effective marketing communications and offers. Celerant clients may run their own campaigns or opt to take advantage of Celerant’s full-service marketing automation team.

Search engine optimization services available from Celerant give retailers access to an expert team of professionals that develop, execute and continually iterate all necessary activities to increase page rankings for relevant keywords that generate web traffic and conversions. Celerant leverages in-depth knowledge of what drives firearm information seeking and purchasing behaviors derived from its vast database of traffic and purchasing history to keep retailers at the top of search results and respond dynamically to changes in search engine algorithms.

“Firearms retail is a unique business and Celerant has a long history of leadership in developing solutions customized to solving the complex needs of regulatory compliance and inventory management ,” said Ian Goldman, CEO of Celerant Technology. “The consumer environment for these products is just as unique and we are pleased to offer ongoing marketing services that help retailers effectively respond to changing market expectations and drive sales by serving consumers how and where they want to buy.”


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