How Can You Sell More Through Your Email Marketing?

Retailers can begin to dominate the sales funnel by giving each customer a personalized experience

Email marketing allows businesses to contact their customers and alert them of new products, services and sales. With the help of advanced POS software and E-Commerce solutions, which collects and stores customer and sales data, businesses can reach customers effortleEmail Marketing automation for retailersssly and with a high-level of precision. This insures that customers receive relevant news and specialized offers.

Personalized emails guarantee that customers will only see materials that relate to them, while also allowing for distinct issues to be resolved in appropriate ways. Expectations are changing so companies should be ready to embrace a sales experience that treats people as individuals.

How Relevant Is Email?

Without trying to appear too judgmental, it’s probably much more relevant than you think. Just listen to these stats:

⇨ 99% of consumers check their email everyday.
⇨ They check their email accounts 20 times a day.
⇨ 78% of teenagers use email.
⇨ Gmail has more than a billion users.
⇨ There are nearly four billion email users globally.

Email is a convenient mode of communication because it’s asynchronous (necessary for a busy world and differing time zones) and totally independent, you can use any email service and device that you want to read and send email.

With the major tech companies embracing AI, and the data mining and ads that come with it, email will continue to be the #1 mode of communication for billions of people and thus the best tool for retailers to reach their customers.

Break Through The Noise

The average email inbox is overflowing with messages and most of them are commercial in nature. Businesses need to learn how to break through the noise and make themselves heard. Most humans, according to our nature, enjoy being respected and acknowledged as individuals. If you’re constantly treating customers like interchangeable parts, it will dissuade them from opening your future emails.

What Qualities Should Email Marketing Automation Have?

Firstly, it should be segmented. This is the first step to creating a personalized experience for your customers. With the help of your retail software platforms, you can keep track of customers and purchases in which you can then automatically create segments based on demographics, preferences, last purchase dates, and more.

Being able to make meaningful categories with the data you collect can help you create effective email campaigns.

Secondly, it should be personal. Instead of sending the same email to a giant contact list, with only first names modified to match users, you can send emails that consider their preferences and behaviors. Consumers can smell cookie-cutter messages from a mile away and they’ll be hesitant to open messages from those companies in the future.


Thirdly, it should be automated. Celerant’s email marketing automation lets you create automated workflows that trigger emails in variety of ways. By using valuable customer information gleaned by the Celerant POS and E-Commerce software, the system automatically triggers and sends specific, targeted emails to specific customers, based on their own actions in your store and on your website.

Fourthly, it should be measurable. Advanced marketing metrics (like bounce rates, conversions and click-throughs) will allow you to identify what’s working- and what’s not. Experimenting is like searching in the dark unless you have data guiding you. And if your company already has experience running successful campaigns, then you can use the data for strictly optimization purposes.

Email Marketing Automation Gives You Many Options

By being able to create workflows and designate different triggers for different campaigns, you will be able to create extremely personalized experiences which is the key to delivering value to your customers.

A customer who has abandoned her shopping cart might be nudged with an offer to pick up her product in-store. Another customer who has not purchased from you for a while might be enticed with Black Friday deals or a new product line.

Download our infographic, “The power of personalized, automated e-mail marketing for retailers” which contains a trio of scenarios that clearly illustrate the capabilities of this digital marketing tool. It presents the six steps to email automation success and includes well-sourced statistics.

DOWNLOAD INFOGRAPHIC: Learn more about Celerant’s automated e-mail marketing!

Email Marketing automation infographic


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